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Review: The Meat Box Company

In my ongoing quest to find local and independent suppliers, I stumbled upon The Meat Box Company.

Based in Devon, England the Meat Box Company ships out boxes with selected cuts of meat, all frozen and ready to pop straight into your freezer. The packaging keeps it cold and it is delivered via overnight courier.

They also have a sustainable farming policy:

"The Meat Box Company believe in investing in nature and doing everything we can to reduce our impact on the climate and the natural world. We produce half our electricity through wind and solar, we send nothing to landfill and we recycle our water and heat. We are also early adopters of green technology and involved in silvo-pastoral farming, (growing livestock under trees).

We believe in the virtue of small circles. We source everything as locally as we possibly can as it is more resource efficient and benefits our own neighbourhood. Our straw is used for our cattle to lie on and the resultant manures are returned to the land to grow more grass and cereals."

I have had three deliveries from them so far, each one has been fabulous.

The test was cooking beef from the supermarket on one day and having beef from the Meat Box Company a couple of days later - the difference was noticeable.

Highly recommended and a supplier that I will continue to use on a regular basis.


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