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Review: Wisdom of the Depths Tarot

As a lover of the sea when I saw that one of my friends, Lyn Thurman was designing and producing a new tarot deck based on the ocean I had to purchase a set for myself.

Based on the symbolism of the well known and loved Rider-Waite-Smith deck (which actually I have personally never connected with...), the images in this deck are all swash bucklingly sea based, which is something I do connect with.

Definitely quirky, bit like me really and probably showing my age but they gave me a feel of the old Monty Python's Flying Circus graphics (that's a good thing).

The cards are a nice size and created from decent card stock so they should wear well. They arrive in a cardboard box, so you might want to grab a bag or pouch to keep them in.

I love the feel and sea essence of these cards, each one makes me smile as the images are a bit bonkers (also a good thing).

If you love the ocean, love tarot or just want a quirky set - these are the cards for you.

For more details see Lyn's website


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