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Review: WizardDrops Rosemary Floral Water

I know this may come as a bit of a shock to you all, but I dye my hair...yes, I know, you thought it was totally naturally grey hair free...ahem.

Anyway...the dye does take the sparkle and oomph out of my hair so it does need a bit of a boost on occasion.

I have been looking at natural shampoos and conditions for a while now and swapped to shampoo bars a long while back. But I wanted something a little extra, my research turned up rosemary water.

WizardDrops jumped out at me on etsy (not just because the name is wonderful) and I have been using their rosemary floral water on my hair for a couple of weeks now and I love it!

The blurb:

Rosemary is believed to contain many vitamins and minerals that help to optimise healthy circulation when used to massage the scalp. In-turn, massaging the scalp may optimise healthy looking hair. *Many researches and acknowledge facts have shown that it may help, also, to remove, loose dandruff flakes from the hair and to repair split ends. It may, also, help with itchiness due to dryness, thickens the hair, promote lustre and help make the hair to look thicker (fuller) and promote lustre.

*Rosemary floral water is wonderful to be used as a leave on conditioner for the hair.

Do take a look at their etsy shop, they have all sorts of wonderful things.


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