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Sharing your baking...

Back in May this year my book, Practically Pagan An Alternative Guide to COOKING was published.

Since then so many of you very lovely people have been sending me/tagging me in photos of recipes you have cooked from the book.

I cannot tell you how happy that makes me ♥

Here are just a few of them:

Please do keep sending me photos and tagging me in your cooking images from the book.

​A book to take you through the seasons. Cooking with produce when it is at its best (and cheapest). Recipes for all, with menu ideas to reflect the energy of each month of the year. Family style, no fuss cooking to nourish the body, spirit and soul.

12 sections with recipes for each month to reflect the product that is in season, which include; meat main, vegetarian/vegan main, soups, standard and vegan desserts, bread and of course...cake; both standard and vegan cake options.


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