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The jealousy of aquilegia (columbine)


(Aquilegia Canadensis, Aquilegia vulgaris)

Perennial plants found in fields and meadows, I have them in my garden and they self seed everywhere. The Latin word for eagle is ‘aquila’ which reflects the shape of the flower petals as they resemble an eagle’s claw. Columbine comes from the Latin word for ‘dove’ as the flower looks like five doves all sitting together (honestly it does…go have a look). Although the plant corresponds to the element of water I would also work with it as an air plant with the bird connection.

Use in all love magic as it has the power of Venus attached to it. This flower is also a favourite with the world of Faerie.

Carry the flower with you to bring courage.

Add the flowers or seeds to your bathwater to help you gain clarity in a situation.

Use the leaves and flowers in any workings to dispel jealousy.

Sit with the flower and meditation, delve deep into the petals to gain clarity and insight into your emotions.

Columbine/Aquilegia Magical Properties:

Love, courage, faeries, clarity, jealousy

Ruling planet – Venus

Element – Water, Air

Gender – Feminine

AQUILEGIA (Columbine)


Keep that green-eyed monster at bay

Stand firm and don’t you sway

Tap into your own second sight

Gain clarity with all your might

Step back and take in the view

See the situation anew


We all get bitten by the green-eyed monster on occasion, hey we wouldn’t have feelings if we didn’t. But don’t let it consume you. I bet if you took a step back and looked at what blessings you have you could kick that monster’s butt. Sometimes our judgement becomes clouded and we can’t see the wood for the trees. This card brings together both the elements of air and water. Our intellect and intuition literally clashing with our emotions. Take flight on the wing of a dove and get a clear bird’s eye view of the situation to gain some clarity. The dove brings peace with it, an inner calm that you need to dig down and find within. This card also brings the magic and energy of the mighty eagle, well it’s claw at least. Use that energy to clear out those horrible feelings and gain a better, more realistic view without your emotions getting in the way.

Crystals for Jealousy (protection, dispelling)

Carnelian, labradorite, quartz (rose), quartz (smoky), most black stones

Protection against jealousy spell

Charge a crystal or piece of jewellery with the intent to protect against jealousy. You can do this by sitting the item in front of a black candle and charging it with the energy. Or you could pop the item into a pouch along with black pepper, aquilegia and garlic to charge before you wear it.

Release jealousy spell

You will need:

A slip of paper

A dish

A jug of water


Black pepper

Garlic skins

Sit quietly and summon all those jealousy feelings to the surface.

Then write down a few words that summon up how you feel, describe how you are feeling.

Release those feelings into the words and onto the paper.

Now place the paper in the bottom of the dish.

Take the herbs you are using and hold them in your hand. Charge them with the energy to dispel and release any jealous feelings.

You might like to say a chant

“With the power of magical plants

With the intent of my chants

Jealous feelings, emotions and rage

Now disperse and clear from this page”

Sprinkle them on top of the paper.

Now charge the water in the jug with the intent of clearing and cleansing.

Pour the water over the paper.

Now set the paper outside in the sunshine or on a sunny window.

Allow the sunshine to evaporate the water naturally.

As it does so, it will take the jealous feelings away with it.

Once the bowl is completely dry tip the contents into the trash or onto the compost heap.


To watch a replay of my talk, click the link below


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