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Arc of the Goddess

Publication 27th June 2016
Arc of the Goddess book co-written with Tracey Roberts.

This book will take you on a year-long personal journey of discovery, taking each month as the wheel of the year turns and introducing you to different goddesses and pantheons with your choice (or theirs…) about who you work with and how you work with them.
We hope to help you connect with the magical energies of each month as well as giving you lots of practical exercises to work with and suggestions on how to make your spiritual connection stronger.
At the end of the book it is hoped you will not only have discovered your own personal pantheon of goddesses to work with but also uncovered The Goddess Within…


This book is a year-long journey with the feminine, the goddess in her forms from around the world. This book helps us to realise the goddess truly is ubiquitous around our planet. Each month the book gives you the help to feel into the time of year and how the goddess works in that season. The authors offer you lots of suggestions, practices, devotions, crafts and what I find completely delightful are the cake recipes, a lovely way to celebrate the goddess. You can work however you wish and begin at any time during the year, and I love the thought of being able to dip into it whenever I wish. All the tiem, the journey is a personal one, finding yourself and your own inner feminine and making it really helps you connect with the goddess. 

~Elen Sentier, Author~


Arc of the Goddess is a year-long course in goddess-oriented spirituality that you can step into any time you like and follow at your own pace. The book sprung out of an online course run by Rachel Patterson and Tracey Roberts via the Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchery, but is perfect for those who prefer to study and work alone.  Obviously you don't have to follow all of the suggestions each month - and in fact you could reuse Arc of the Goddess every year, trying out different things each cycle.

~Lucya, Author~


I received this book a little bit ago and couldn't put it down, I just love it. This book is a very easy read and is wonderful on getting to know and work with the goddess. I have certain ones that I call upon but while reading this book there were some that caught my eye and drew me in.

This is an amazing book.


The Arc of the Goddess is an inspirational way to reconnect to the energies surrounding us. Following the monthly turn of the wheel is exciting and there is no right or wrong way to progress. It is a personal path of discovery, developing year after year.



What I like about this book is that it is really flexible. It is a year-long course in goddess-oriented spirituality, but you can start it at any time during the year. It is full of activities to do as well as information about goddesses from all over the world.


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