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Gods & Goddesses Colouring Book

978-1-78279-127-0 (Paperback) 

PUB DATE: Nov 25, 2016

An A4 colouring book – 96 pages split into eight sections (8 pantheons)
Take a journey across the pantheons of the world and allow your creative energy to flow colouring in images and mandalas for some of the most interesting and inspiring deities.
Each deity has a beautiful image to colour in with paints, pencils or pastels, whatever your preferred medium is, also included is a deity specific mandala, some information about them and a chant or mantra to use when colouring to help that creativity and spirit to flow.
The goal of each colouring image is to provide a meditative tool for your spiritual journey...or you can do it just because it is fun!

This colouring book has been a family project:
Main images drawn by Emma Patterson (age 15)
Deity poems written by Ben Patterson (age 10)
Mandalas, borders, graphics and layout designs by Peter Patterson (old enough to know better)
Deity information written by Rachel Patterson (older than she wishes)
I treated myself to this book and absolutely love it. It's not just a colouring book, you also get a description of each deity as well as a mandala and poem on every page as well. The images are beautifully drawn, Im so glad I brought this and highly recommended it.
Bought this for my wife for Christmas and she absolutely loves it Especially likes the explanation behind every beautifully crafted drawing. Excellent book! Highly recommend
This book is fantastic; if you have a interest in Gods and Goddesses you will probably know the ones in here but having an image to colour is so much fun. Every God and Goddess has a brief description of them and a little poem or verse about them on the opposite page.
There are many possibilities with this book; it would be fantastic for beginners to learn about them while they colour, pages could be removed and added to personal journals, you could complete the whole book and once done it would be a beautiful reference book to use and refer to when needed, it would be a fantastic tool for teaching children and grandchildren about the gods and goddesses too.  The paper is lovely and thick too.
Lovely depictions of God's and Goddesses from a wide variety of pantheons. Some of my faves are Anubis, Ganesha, Kali, Skadi and Ixchel. With over 40 different Gods and Goddesses to choose from there's sure to be something for everyone.
This book, is not just a colouring book, but also a way to connect with the Gods and Goddesses in the book. I really enjoyed this book, as I have done with all of her books, she is an amazing Author and an incredible person.
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