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Pagan Portals The Cailleach

Publication 29th July 2016
Within the pages of this book I hope to give you an introduction to the mysteries, myths, legends and magic of the ancient hag goddess The Cailleach drawing upon ancient legends, stories told and my own experiences.

The Cailleach – Goddess of the ancestors, wisdom that comes with age, the weather, time, shape shifting and winter.
Morgan Daimler, author of Pagan Portals - The Morrigan, Pagan Portals -
Brigid, and Fairycraft
The Cailleach is one of those rare books that perfectly balances folklore and modern interpretations to create a vision of the ancient Crone Goddess which is both grounded and visionary. The author's wit and engaging writing style make the re-tellings of old stories fun, while her honest presentation of information invites the reader to think and draw their own conclusions. A must read for anyone interested in the Cailleach.
For such a little book Rachel Patterson's new Pagan Portals offering ¨The Cailleach¨ provides a satisfying blend of scholarship, folklore, humor, and personal experience. As a newish member of the pagan community I am hungry for information about the gods and goddesses of my ancestors. The Cailleach, with her attributes of winter and rocks and transformation, so infuses the wintry world I have always called home that I was drawn to learning more of her.
I have been waiting for a book about The Cailleach. Thank you, Rachel Patterson, for contributing such an insightful, well-researched book to the Celtic Pagan community
The book is written in a very readable style complete with folk tales, poems, even a recipe or two. If you're into Goddess worship or just want to know more about the Cailleach, then this is your book.
From the first page I was hooked and had trouble putting it down. It is jam packed with myths and legends of the Cailleach, from the Uk and throughout the world, but it's nothing like the dry academic studies which I always struggle with. It's written in Rachel's engaging friendly way of writing which is much more appealing and user friendly. 
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