Kitchen Witchcraft Series:

Crystal Magic

Publication 29th November 2019
The third book in the Kitchen Witchcraft series:
Using some of the more commonly available crystals this book will present them all in a magical light. 
How to work with crystals for magical purpose.
Connecting with crystal magical energy.
Which crystals to use for specific magical intent.
Creating crystal spell grids.
Designing crystal spell pouches.
Using crystals for divination.
5 out of 5 stars. I'm new to witchcraft and it's full of reading- everyone I meet tells me to read, read, read. From my reading I knew I was more interested in crystal magic. I wanted something that went a little deeper than crystal properties. I needed something that would gave me insight into how to actually know what I'm doing. This was the perfect book for what I was looking for!
 5 out of 5 stars - If you are curious about crystals and want to know more this is a great introduction. The first part of the book gives a lot of helpful information on the various uses of crystals and how to get started. The next section of the book gives a great breakdown of stones by birthstone, zodiac, even days of the week! Very helpful for augmenting your crystal work and tailoring to specific applications! The rest of the book, and my particular favorite is going into details on the various crystals, properties, planet, meanings and suggested cleansing methods.....While I view this as a reference book, about the last 20% is the authors “lists” which I loved! If you are focused on certain outcomes or characteristics they are broken down alphabetically and include a list of stones support each outcome. Overall, this book has many practical uses for the curious or those who have started collecting or looking to collect crystals with the intent of enhancing their own lives.....
This was a really cool look at crystals for me. I have always been drawn to crystals, collecting them even as a kid. I was not familiar with many of the meanings the stones have and what they might symbolize. I enjoyed reading about them, and the spells some use in accordance with them.

© 2019 Rachel Patterson