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Kitchen Witchcraft Series:

Crystal Magic

Publication 29th November 2019
The third book in the Kitchen Witchcraft series:
Using some of the more commonly available crystals this book will present them all in a magical light. 
How to work with crystals for magical purpose.
Connecting with crystal magical energy.
Which crystals to use for specific magical intent.
Creating crystal spell grids.
Designing crystal spell pouches.
Using crystals for divination.
5 out of 5 stars. I'm new to witchcraft and it's full of reading- everyone I meet tells me to read, read, read. From my reading I knew I was more interested in crystal magic. I wanted something that went a little deeper than crystal properties. I needed something that would gave me insight into how to actually know what I'm doing. This was the perfect book for what I was looking for!
 5 out of 5 stars - If you are curious about crystals and want to know more this is a great introduction. The first part of the book gives a lot of helpful information on the various uses of crystals and how to get started. The next section of the book gives a great breakdown of stones by birthstone, zodiac, even days of the week! Very helpful for augmenting your crystal work and tailoring to specific applications! The rest of the book, and my particular favorite is going into details on the various crystals, properties, planet, meanings and suggested cleansing methods.....While I view this as a reference book, about the last 20% is the authors “lists” which I loved! If you are focused on certain outcomes or characteristics they are broken down alphabetically and include a list of stones support each outcome. Overall, this book has many practical uses for the curious or those who have started collecting or looking to collect crystals with the intent of enhancing their own lives.....
This was a really cool look at crystals for me. I have always been drawn to crystals, collecting them even as a kid. I was not familiar with many of the meanings the stones have and what they might symbolize. I enjoyed reading about them, and the spells some use in accordance with them.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I recently started my journey with crystals so I am always looking at books to find ones that are good resources and organized well. Kitchen Witchcraft : Crystal Magic is one such book......All of the information that Rachel Patterson includes is wonderful, and I can see long time crystal users picking up some new tips and information. After the introduction to crystals, Patterson has so much more information to share including; Cleansing Crystals, Crystals and Full Moons, Meditating with Crystals, Crystal Bling, Using Crystals with Poppets, Witch Bottles, and Mojo Bags, and so much more...
A wonderful guide to the world of crystals, with everything you need whether you're a new witch, an experienced practitioner, or just want something pretty to put in your home. I think my favourite thing about Rachel's books is how she continually emphasis that her experience is hers and the reader should do what feels right for them. It's hard to pick one favourite thing, though, because this book is filled with brilliant things. I can definitely see myself returning to it to look things up or prepare spells or cleanse crystals...
This was an incredibly helpful guide to using crystals in your witchcraft. Rachel Patterson takes the reader through what each crystal is useful for, as well as it's planetary, elemental, and zodiac alignments. She also gives helpful advice, rituals, and meditations. This is an excellent reference guide for any new or experienced practitioner. One of the things I truly appreciate about her books is she teaches you that you don't have to have a lot of money to practice witchcraft. She reminds the reader to use what you can: tumbled stones, pebbles or rocks found outside, all the way to precious gemstones. She takes you through the proper cleansing and charging rituals as well. This book is everything you need to start incorporating crystals into your practice.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. A really terrific guide to working with crystals. Perfect for brand new witches just starting out or a season witch who's still perfecting her (or his) craft. Some good history and tons of info on cleansing and using the crystals with other tools. Will definitely be referring to this a few times! I may have to order a hard copy as well for constant reference!
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I adore this series of Kitchen witchcraft books by Rachel Patterson. The content is always thorough, yet very easy to digest and apply. Rachel's voice is extremely welcoming, it's like speaking with a good friend. She approaches witchcraft with a sense of fun, while still being respectful and it's so authentic. This book covers a variety of crystal practices, cleansing/programing/spellwork. There's also a glossary in the back that covers a number of stones properties, spell uses and general information. Even though I was quite familiar with this topic, I still loved the reading experience and would highly recommend this book. It would be especially helpful to newbies to working with and learning about crystals!
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