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Colette Brown | Author of menopause a natural and spiritual journey, tarot from novice to pro and Weegie Tarot

I had been interested in the knowing more about Hoodoo for a long time and this book provided me with much clear information and insights. The writing is conversational but clear, straight forward and humorous. There is so much information packed in that although I have read it once, I know I will refer back to it many times. I am not a Hoodoo practitioner but there are many practical tips and cross overs with this and my shamanic path which I found interesting and will incorporate. Life is about learning...and now I have an understanding of Hoodoo thanks to Rachel Patterson's book. I look forward to more from this author. She knows her stuff!

Pagan Portals Hoodoo

An introduction to the magical art of Hoodoo, with details of what Hoodoo is, how to work with it and lots of recipes and ideas.
Detailing my personal experiences with Hoodoo, the deities, the beliefs, the magical practices along with information on all sorts of Hoodoo crafts - bottle spells, foot track magic, crossroads magic, powders, spiritual washes and much more.


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