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Pagan Portals Moon Magic

Publication January 2014
An introduction to working with the phases of the Moon, what they are and how to live in harmony with the lunar year and to utilise all the magical powers it provides.

A book filled with the basics of the lunar cycle, the representations and correspondences of each phase, what magic to work and when. A look at the lunar year, moon deities, moon spells, meditations, specific moon rituals, moon names, tree moons and moon recipes.
Yvonne Ryves | author Shaman Pathways Web of Life
Rachel Patterson has distilled the essence of everything connected with the moon into this wonderful and charming book. Moon phases, rituals, recipes, meditations, deities, power animals, signs, symbols, charms, spells, divination and so much more are tucked carefully within its pages and through it all shines the authors love of working with the moon and moon magic. A delight for everyone who gazes upon the moon and wonders how to work with its immense power
David Salisbury | Author of The Deep Heart of Witchcraft
Moon Magic is a delightful treasury of lore and spiritual musings that should be essential to any planetary magic-worker's reading list.
Laura Perry | author of Ariadne's Thread
Don't let its length fool you; this little book packs a powerful punch. As full as it could possibly be with useful information and practical activities, Pagan Portals Moon Magic provides a clear and direct interpretation of moon lore. Touching on a wide range of lunar-related subjects from moon-phase correspondences to astrology and Tarot, Rachel Patterson guides the reader through the practical aspects of rituals, spells and meditations based on the moon. The recipes for oils, incense and bath salts add depth and functionality to a book that is a quick read but that won't stay on the shelf for long; the person lucky enough to own a copy will page through it again and again for reference at every phase of the moon.
Mabh Savage (Author):

My initial concern is that this book may have little to offer the experienced practitioner. Just looking at the contents page dispels these fears instantly. Not only does Rachel cover what I would think of as ‘The Basic’ such as the phases of the moon, Esbats and some of the more well-known moon rituals, she also brings a fascinating amount of detail including working with cords, charms and supernatural creatures.  So rubbing my hands together gleefully at the prospect of learning something new about my favourite satellite, I dive right in. Rachel writes in an accessible style that is very inclusive to readers of all aptitudes. Facts are listed in well written, easy to consume bites, and each section that stems after is broken down in such a way it could almost be used as a reference book. I would find the information on oils and crystals particularly useful.   The meditations included are beautiful.  If you have even the slightest interest in Paganism, Magic, natural living or astrology, this book will be relevant to you.  Rachel brings a wealth of information together in such a way that you can go back to this book time and again, without it ever feeling old. The style is simple and full of common sense, yet magical and wondrous at the same time. Quite an achievement.  *****/5




This is such a good book. Rachel Patterson writes in such a way that is so easy to read and so easy to understand. I refer to this book regularly so it is kept within easy reach. It is very informative and incredibly useful, whether you are new to moon magic or have been dabbling for some time. A must have, brilliant read. :-)




Rachel Patterson has distilled the essence of everything connected with the moon into this wonderful and charming book.  A delight for everyone who gazes upon the moon and wonders how to work with its immense power.



This is the fourth book of Rachel's I have read - I like her easy writing style, and look forward to her future works!  I read this book from cover to cover and found it very interesting. I knew nothing about the Moon, and will be dipping in and out of it, in the future.


Rachel Patterson's Moon Magic is a delight to read. Every aspect of moon magic is covered in a very accessible way, making it an ideal purchase for the novice and practiced alike. If you ever wanted to find anything out to do with the moon, then this is your book! The rituals within are so straight forward, with no complicated ingredients or timescales.  Patterson's writing style is conversational but at the same time instructive. It is also great to pick up and read as a reference book and infact the only down side of the book is that its too short - I would have liked more!!
A gem of a book, nice and concise a great companion to those starting their journey or for those engaging with the path once more. 
Use it all the time, packed with useful and tidbit info on every page.
I find the moon phase advice especially good.


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