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Cakes from the Cauldron

ISBN 978-0993082603
Publication 31st October 2014
Tracey Roberts and myself kept being asked to write down and share our cake here they are...
A cake cook book, what's not to like? These recipes have all be tried and tested at our rituals and workshops. We love to cook, we love to share...especially when it is cake...
An e-book version is available via
This book is jam packed with loads of recipes
I have made quite a few of these cakes yum !
Glad this book has some biscuits in too they are good
Like Rachel's other books very well written, easy to follow recipes lovely simple cooking that looks fantastic.  A good book to use with children too. 
Wonderful book, very well written. Love the humour mixed in! The recipes are easy and straightforward, I don't think even I could get it wrong. My children are coming home from school today to the smell of brownies happy children equals happy Mummy. Yet another brilliant book Rachel, thank you
A fabulous book full of beautiful cakes ,buns and biscuits for every sabbat, all tried and tested, a must for any kitchen witch's kitchen.
Cosmic Dancer - Amazon
Excellent book, with some wonderful recipes.
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