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Grimoire of a 

Kitchen Witch


Publication date - 28th June 2013

This book is essentially a Book of Shadows, a Kitchen Witch’s Grimoire. It covers what it means to be a witch, how a Witch works, what a Witch does and how a Witch celebrates the turning of the seasons. It is packed full of information about all sorts of subjects from a breakdown of rituals and magical tools to reading auras and rites of passage, along with meditations, recipes for oils, incenses and spells and a huge amount of crafts to make for each Sabbat. The information herein does not follow any strict tradition; it is an individual interpretation of witchcraft melding together Wiccan training with Kitchen witchery, ways of the Old Craft and a bit of hoodoo thrown in for good measure. Magic and the Craft are fluid and flexible, it is ever changing and we are ever learning.

Available in paperback, ebook and AUDIO format.


Nimue Brown | Author of Druidry & Meditation, Druidry & the Ancestors, & the Hopeless Maine Saga

I think if Terry Pratchett’s witches wrote an introduction to magic, it would look a lot like this book. Pragmatic, playful, wise and sprinkled with humour, the author covers a lot of ground and isn’t afraid to use a wooden spoon!

Cat Treadwell | Author of A Druid's Tale

This is certainly a very friendly book, providing a helpful guide to Kitchen Witchery and for those stepping onto the path, bringing practical spirituality back into the home.

Colette Brown | Author, Shaman & Clairvoyant Tarot Reader

This book is packed with so much information that it makes you feel as though you have a major learning tool in your hands. Yet it is written in such a way that allows you to feel that the author is talking directly and personally to YOU!. This conversational feel allows information to be passed on without any sense of preaching, dogma or ego. The writing style is friendly but also precise.  Although written from the kitchen witch perspective, this is a great book for all who follow an earthy path and as a shaman, I enjoyed it more than some of the shamanic books out there.  The book unfolds into more and more explanations, stories and advice without ever assuming knowledge but also never assuming that the reader is anything less than intelligent and sentient. So it is never preachy, starchy,condescending or obtuse. I particularly enjoyed the sections on animal guides and elementals. The meditations and lessons are well thought out and the little extras like Hoodoo and planetary influences are informative and fun. There is just so much packed into this book.




From the moment I turned the first page I felt like I was sat listening to a lifelong friend. 'Grimoire of a Kitchen witch' has succeeded where so many other books have failed. The balance between simple to understand yet technically correct have been struck with awesome precision and still, the author never once sounds condescending or as if they are talking down to you. The trickle of humour was enough to raise random chuckles to the puzzlement of the rest of my family but it just added to the relaxed and friendly vibe that this book has.  I have learnt and gained more understanding from the 2 hours I spent reading than I have in the past few years, this book is a must for any level or pagan path...i'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what comes next.




I bought Rachel's first book, and loved it, so it was with excitment that I bought this one on its launch!! I cant recommend it enough!! The feeling is very friendly and comfortable as you start to read and feels like a real life "how-to" bible (for what of a better word!! I have bought quite a few books on this subject over the years, and I must admit having met Rachel in the flesh, it makes this book even more alive and friendly, her personality shines through :-) I am not rushing to finish the book as I want to savour it, plus I feel this will be an excellent reference guide for many years to come!!  Check this book out and her first one, you will not be disappointed!



Bought this book on the strength of Pagan Portals - Kitchen Witchcraft: Crafts of a Kitchen Witch,I have to say it's a great book, very informative but leaves room for you to do your own research if you want to look deeper into a section,the exercises are good and again is written in a very friendly,fun, accessible way.  Very good for beginners and intermediates alike, one that I will keep going back to over and over again, has to be my new favourite book :) Looking forward to the next one.



"I almost wish it didn't say 'witchcraft' in the title. Why? well, it is one of the most comprehensive books on natural magick I have read and I am recommending it to shamans, energy workers, druids, people interested in magickal practices as well as Wiccans. I myself am a shaman and there is so much information that simply covers so much of natural magick. So, if you are into should read it. If you are interested in magick especially kitchen magick, then you should read it, whatever you label yourself!   It is written with humour and with a style that lends itself to sitting over a kitchen table with a cup of tea discussing herbs, moon cycles, spells, intents, and life with a good friend and confidant.  This lady knows her stuff and it shows. She doesn't preach. She just lives it! And by her gentle and honorable example, she teaches us so much more than a dogmatic or extreme person could.  I loved it and will refer to it a lot. very impressed."



This is a brilliant read for anyone new and also experienced in kitchen witchcraft. It gives simple easy to follow details, down to earth ideas and without the use of expensive tools I loved it and still will use as a reference book.. Definitely recommend to anyone interested in witchcraft or other path.



I love Rachel's writing style, for those of you 'new' to the path a brilliantly informative book on everything you need to know to make a start. For those who have been travelling this path for a while a confirmation and a tidy up of the knowledge you already have plus a few extras! All told openly as if by your favourite Aunt :)  More like this please!




This book is fantastic. It's obvious from the beginning that the author knows what she's talking about. I found it interesting and will surely dip in and out of it for a long time to come.  Thanks so much for bringing witches out of the closet.




I loved this book!

It’s part personal experience, part Book of Shadows. And there are some humorous moments; it’s not dry like many of the “grimoires” one often comes across. In fact, I found myself giggling and reading little snippets to M.


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