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Nimue Brown | Author of Druidry & Meditation, Druidry & the Ancestors, & the Hopeless Maine Saga

I think if Terry Pratchett’s witches wrote an introduction to magic, it would look a lot like this book. Pragmatic, playful, wise and sprinkled with humour, the author covers a lot of ground and isn’t afraid to use a wooden spoon!

Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch

This book is essentially a Book of Shadows, a Kitchen Witch’s Grimoire. It covers what it means to be a witch, how a Witch works, what a Witch does and how a Witch celebrates the turning of the seasons. It is packed full of information about all sorts of subjects from a breakdown of rituals and magical tools to reading auras and rites of passage, along with meditations, recipes for oils, incenses and spells and a huge amount of crafts to make for each Sabbat. The information herein does not follow any strict tradition; it is an individual interpretation of witchcraft melding together Wiccan training with Kitchen witchery, ways of the Old Craft and a bit of hoodoo thrown in for good measure. Magic and the Craft are fluid and flexible, it is ever changing and we are ever learning.

Available in paperback, ebook and AUDIO format.


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