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Flower Magic Oracle Cards

November 2019

In collaboration with

"The striking new Flower Magic Oracle Cards deals specifically with  the potency of ‘flower power’, in all its divinatory and healing forms to highlight what needs to be looked at in your life and help you to make the changes necessary to bring about growth and harmony, in a most practical fashion. Learn to activate the energies and natural qualities of your very own fruits of Eden used in this age-old craft.

Thanks to the brilliant photography of the author (taken from her very own garden) and the design of Kate Osborne to blend the flower with the message and the ‘wise woman’ messenger, the cards will be gorgeous to look at and a delight to work with. And with the UK’s most prolific Kitchen/Garden witches, Rachel Patterson providing the content, the cards will also be both informative and inspiring when you read them. They will be gilded, accompanied by a fabulous guidebook and boxed to the high standards our current customers have grown accustomed too."


Well made, beautifully finished cards, each one with a picture of a flower from Rachel's garden. The booklet that accompanies the cards, contains so much more information and uses for the plant. Already loving the readings I am getting from using them, I highly recommend them.


This is a quality deck, sturdy box, stunning cards that contain amazing photos of the flowers and a booklet that is most generous in its information. Nothing quite like it out there. Readings are spot on too!


I'd been after these cards for some time and they came very quickly
I have since used them and they are excellent


These cards are beautiful and very well made. The flowers are all from Rachel's garden and the accompanying book is packed full of information for each card. I connected with the deck very quickly and found the readings spot on. I use them every day and they have quickly become my favourite Oracle cards.


Really love this oracle deck! It is totally beautiful and a delight and a joy to use. The pictures are gorgeous and the deck is easy to use. I highly recommend this oracle deck.



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