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Practical Candle Magic:

Witchcraft with Wick & Wax

Light that flame and set your magic in motion with bestselling author Rachel Patterson's guide to candle magic. Featuring more than thirty-five spells and exercises, this book guides you through every aspect of working with wick and wax, from the fundamentals to creating your own candle magic.

Rachel teaches you how to choose a candle, charge it with intention, dress it with oils and herbs, and complete your spell. She also shows you how to amplify your magic with color, crystals, sigils, grids, tarot cards, and Zodiac signs. Discover candle spells for luck, prosperity, peace, protection, and love. Explore candle divination, candles in ritual and worship, candle work to cast out negativity, and much more. This book makes it easier than ever to start or advance your practice.

I have been practicing magic for over 50 years and all the things my grandma ever taught me about candle magic are in Practical Candle Magic and much more.  Practical Candle Magic is a veritable encyclopedia on the topic that spans many cultures and a must have for any witch; beginner to advance. The reader will find spells, exercises, mantic divinations, a compendium of correspondences, how to divine with pins in candles, wax poppets and much more, this book is a valuable resource.  Rachel Patterson writes in an easy style that is relevant to our more modern times. Practical Candle Magic will not disappoint and is sure to be a best seller!

Gina Cat Cole: Author of Psychic Skills for Magic & Witchcraft: Developing Your Spirit, Intuition & Clairvoyance


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