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Who am I?

Witch. Best Selling Author. Podcast Host. High Priestess. Speaker. Blogger. Writer. Reiki Master. Certified Crystal Therapist

I am an English witch who has been walking the Pagan pathway for over thirty years. 

A working wife and mother who has been lucky enough to have had over 25 books published (so far),

some of them becoming best sellers.


My passion is to learn, I love to study and have done so from books, online resources, schools and wonderful mentors over the years and still continue to learn each and every day but I have learnt the most from actually getting outside and doing it.

I like to laugh...and eat cake...

Host of the Pagan Portal Podcast, produced by Moon Books Publishing and released twice a month on the Moon Books YouTube channel and all your usual podcast providers, such as Spotify.


It is my pleasure to give talks to pagan groups and co-run open rituals and workshops run by the Kitchen Witch Coven.


High Priestess of the Kitchen Witch Coven and an Elder at the online Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchcraft

A regular columnist with Fate & Fortune magazine, I also contribute articles to several magazines such as Pagan Dawn and Witchcraft & Wicca.  You will find my regular ramblings on my own personal blog and YouTube channel.

My craft is a combination of old religion witchcraft, Wicca, hedge witchery, kitchen witchery and folk magic.  

My heart is that of an English Kitchen Witch.

It was my honour to be added to the Watkins 'Spiritual 100 List' for 2023


I’m starting my own list now, it’s called People I Would Want by my Side During a Zombie Apocalypse, and Rachel’s at the top of it ~ Fika with Vicky ~


You don't need qualifications or certificates to be a good Witch/Wiccan/Druid/Pagan/insert label here...but just in case you are interested in knowing...these are some of my  'qualifications' and courses attended:

Practical Runes & symbols - June 2023 with Andreas Kornevall

An introduction to Classical Latin - currently

Norse Myth & Runes workshop with Andreas Kornevall - Nov 2022

The Well Maiden, spiral one - July 2021

The Avalon Course in Earth Magic (The Way of Merlin) - currently

Introduction to the Celts diploma - currently

Shamanic Healing/Energy Healing diploma - currently

Ancestral Healing diploma - currently

The Avalon Course in Sacred Magic (The Way of Morgen) - 2017-2020

Elements of Witchcraft workshop with Jonathan Argento & Lyn Thurman - Nov 2018

Victorian Popular Fiction and the Occult, Exeter University course - Sept 2016

Finding your soul purpose with Akashic Records, Teri Uktena - March 2016

Viking Shield Maiden Workshop with Rich Lister - December 2015

She Flow Chocolate Ceremony workshop with Lisa Lister - April 2015

She Flow Yoga course with Lisa Lister - March 2015

Fiction writing masterclass course with James Patterson - 2015

Walking on fire - Feb 2015 with IWalkOnFire

Air Wolf ritual - April 2014

Shamanic workshop with Rich Lister - April 2014

Apache Smudging Ritual - April 2014

Mediumship course with Steve Bradshaw 

Advanced mediumship development course with Steve Bradshaw - Nov 2013 into 2014

Past Life Vibrational Healing Course with Steve Bradshaw - Oct 2013

Certified Crystal Healer (School of Natural Health Sciences) - September 2013
Reiki Master Teacher - August 2013

Shamanic workshop with Annie Whittaker - 2013

Elen of the Ways Retreat - 2013
Ordained as a Minister with the Universal Life Church - May 2012

Titled as High Priestess - June 2011
Completed the Wiccan 3rd Degree - June 2011

Completed Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone's Advanced Course in Progressive Magick - January 2010

Reiki I & II - October 2009

Completed Herbalist Training Programme - July 2009

Completed the Wiccan 2nd Degree - February 2010

Completed the Wiccan 1st Degree - March 2006


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