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Pagan Portals Animal Magic

Publication 31st March 2017
An introduction to the world of animal magic; how to find, recognise, connect and work with the power of animal magic.
Pagan Portals Animal Magic is a multi-faceted introduction to adding animal spirits to your personal spiritual practice. So much more than just a list of animals and their meanings, this helpful little book shows the reader how to form their own unique relationship with animal spirit helpers through meditation, dance, and other meaningful activities. If you're looking for a way to add animal magic to your life, no matter what your path, this is a book you'll want on your shelf.
Laura Perry, author of Ariadne's Thread
An excellent, clearly explained introduction to Animal Magic and it works! I read out the characteristics of my animal guide from the book and my wife said it was just like me!
Brendan Howlin, author of the Handbook of Urban Druidry and Pagan Portals: The Urban Ovate
Another great introductory book from Rachel Patterson. Pagan Portals – Animal Magic is packed full of information on how to find and work with animal spirit guides and familiars. The book teaches a wealth of magical techniques and is written in Rachel’s delightful style. She really has a way with words as well as really knowing about her subject.
Lucya Starza, author of Pagan Portals - Candle Magic
This is an excellent introduction to spirit animal work. It includes a handful of different paths, details for meditations or ceremonies, and even a rough guide of characteristics and such. I will absolutely be hunting down other guides by this author.
I get questions about animal Magick and spirit animals all the time. This, along with my go-to by the late Ted Andrews, will be my suggested reading.
Well written and most of all valuable to the Pagan Community
- Larry Zaracon Sodders | The Zaracon Show/Pagans Tonight Radio/Pagan Weekly News/ Pagans Musings 
I'm a fan of Rachel Patterson, and I follow her blog on Patheos. Patterson's approach to the subject of witchcraft is very practical, no-nonsense, and down to earth. Her sensible writing, bereft of zany woo-woo and fluff is an example that I wish more authors would follow. If you're a witch who wants to read a book about animal guides that gives practical, workable exercises, then look no further. This very succinct book provides enough information to get started.
Patterson encourages the reader to use their own intuition to learn what the animal has to teach them as opposed to relying entirely on a paragraph from a reference book. Much appreciated.
I would recommend this title to anyone who is curious about animal guides, just getting started working with them, or has been working with them and would like some new ideas to try out and deepen their current practice. Fans of Lupa's works will also appreciate the solid content and no-nonsense approach.
Informative, insightful and eye opening. The book is a must read for every one. I hope for more titles like this. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone. A really great book.
As I've grown to expect with Patterson's books, "Animal Magic" is truly a wonderful book, written in a very personable style that gives the reader a sense of authenticity at knowing Patterson is the real deal. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in exploring animals' roles in magic. The book is written with the beginner in mind with even explanations of basic terminology, yet those who have already explored animal magic will find plenty of great ideas and suggestions that will help them on their journey. Perhaps one of the best aspects of this book is that Patterson never presents her ideas with a prescriptive approach of "you have to do it this way." Instead, she encourages the reader to follow his or her own intuition. This book will not disappoint you!
Excellent book!
Full of ideas I cannot wait to try, including the animal wheel meditation....
This has really inspired me to work with my animal guides more and build upon our connection.
Another fantastic offering from Rachel Patterson 
When Rachel releases a new book, I'm sure a lot of her fans have certain expectations, and yet again she meets every single one, and then some!! This is an excellent book that I had to fight with myself to put down, I love Rachel's writing style, it's so user friendly and to the point. The exercises and meditations are well thought out and it doesn't matter if you are right at the beginning of your journey or have been practising for some time, there is something for everybody who is interested in connecting with their Spirit Guides.
For any beginner it is priceless.. For the experienced it is a great little reference book with some brilliant ideas inside. I dont have many books that i read that are "I can't put down books" but this one has been a defo i can't put down book. Great read and funny comments from the author which add to its magic. I love it.
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