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Blossom Magic

Spring Blossoms

Blossom is the flowers that appear on a tree before the fruit.

The blossom or flowers from any tree or plant can be popped into a vase to dress up your altar or dried or pressed to use in magical workings, incense blends and crafts. Dried petals and flowers can also be pressed onto candles quite effectively or steeped in oil to create anointing oils and perfumes.


(Prunus avium/cerasus)

Cherry Magical Properties:

Love, fertility, divination, beginnings

Ruling planet – Venus

Element – Water, Air

Gender – Feminine


(Pyrus spp)

Apple Magical Properties:

Love, healing, clarity, knowledge, abundance, spirit work

Ruling planet – Venus

Element – Water

Gender – Feminine

Blackthorn (Sloe)

(Prunus spinosa)

Blackthorn Magical Properties:

Protection, exorcism, divination, healing

Ruling planet – Saturn and Mars

Sign - Scorpio

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine


(Crataegus oxacantha/monogyna)

Hawthorn Magical Properties:

Happiness, fertility, love, protection, purification, forgiveness, faeries, hope

Ruling planet – Mars, Venus

Sign - Sagittarius

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine


(Sambucus nigra/Canadensis)

Elder Magical Properties:

Protection, healing, faeries, purification, intuition, exorcism, hex breaking, rebirth

Ruling planet – Venus

Sign – Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra

Element – Water

Gender – Feminine


(Salix alba, Salix fragilis)

Willow Magical Properties:

Love, protection, healing, cleansing, wishes, release, inspiration, intuition

Ruling planet – Moon

Sign - Pisces

Element – Water

Gender – Feminine


(Corylus spp. avellana, Corylus cornuta)

Hazel Magical Properties:

Fertility, wishes, love, protection, luck, wisdom, divination, healing, inspiration, prosperity

Ruling planet – Sun

Element – Air

Gender – Masculine


(Sorbus acuparia)

Rowan Magical Properties:

Psychic powers, power, success, protection, love, spirituality, faeries, divination, healing, inspiration

Ruling planet – Sun, Mercury

Sign - Sagittarius

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine

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Information from A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Plants and Herbs by Rachel Patterson


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