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What our students say about the Kitchen Witch Online School (without bribery, not even the promise of cake...)

Informative and in-depth courses, Kitchen Witch delivers everything you would want from a school academically and mixes it with fun and laughter. The school feels like one big family and is inclusive to all. Definitely one to check out.

J, Devon, UK


Rachel is like the long-lost witchy aunt I always wanted to meet. The Kitchen Witch school really felt like coming home - I’ve been “freewheeling” it for many years, but the KW school has provided the support and gentle guidance that I have been looking for, for years.

E, Switzerland


Well written courses that are backed up by a very supportive community. Online learning which feels like face to face teaching.

S, Worcestershire, UK


I found my calling when I discovered the Kitchen Witch School. All the Hearth Guardians are very supportive of all of the students and offer guidance on lessons in a friendly, nurturing way. Lessons are well orchestrated making learning interesting and enjoyable.

M, London, UK


It's like Hogwarts for adults! homework that pushes you to explore your own path and make witchy things to hang on the wall... Enjoying it immensely.

B, Portugal


It's been said that the great teachers show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see. This is what Kitchen Witch is all about. There is structure, guidance and abundant support, but at the end of the day it's your journey, nobody else can walk it for you.

S, Hampshire, UK


Kitchen Witch School feels like a cosy corner of the library where you can get lost in your studies. It’s completely an online home away from home for me.


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