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Renovation: The Final Countdown

I do hope you are now singing...

The demolition and re build work by was completed a while ago. With just some bespoke carpentry by Tom Haywood left to build and install, with the flooring to go down as the final job (which will happen next week).

I am sharing the journey of both carpentry designs here, the work for which has been completed this week. Tom has been amazing, his work is fantastic, so well designed and certainly built to last.

The first job was to build a fitted shelving unit to house Pete's vinyl collection and my Witchcraft books, in our new study. What is now our new study started life as our kitchen, the end of the room that Tom built the shelving unit in was originally part kitchen units and part chimney breast. Inside Outside did a huge demolition job on the chimney breast and squared the room off nicely.

Tom made sure he knew exactly what we wanted to store on the shelving and even worked out the weight that it would need to bear. The finished design could not be more perfect.

Click on the gallery below to see the journey from kitchen with chimney breast to fitted shelving in the new study.

The second job was to build fitted storage cupboards under the stairs with shelving above for my cookbooks. Adding extra storage under the actual stairs. Again Tom consulted with us on size of books and exactly what we wanted to store. The new units are fabulous and the work top is just fantastic. He used reclaimed scaffold boards and worked with the natural grain of the wood, even torching it so that it gave a wonderfully deep colour. It even has a knot hole filled with resin that looks like an 'all seeing eye' (or maybe that's just my imagination, either way I love it). He decided to keep the original framework for the cupboard right under the stair well, cutting out panels and creating new doors to fit and adding in a shoe storage draw at the very point. He even went to the detail of creating doors that match our new kitchen.

Click on the gallery below to see the journey from cluttered junk hallway to beautiful 'cake station' and fitted cupboards.

Both units have exceeded our expectations in both design and quality of workmanship. Tom himself went above and beyond with all the work he undertook for our renovation (he also fitted our kitchen). Nothing was too much trouble.

A thoroughly decent, knowledgeable and skilled chap, it was a pleasure to have gotten to know him a little and we would not hesitate to recommend him.


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