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Full Moon Meditation

Relax and make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, deep breathes in and out…

As your world dissipates you find yourself on the edge of a forest, it is night time and the sky is a deep, dark blue but it is scattered with thousands of sparkling stars and the moon is full and bright, bright enough to light your way.

You enter the forest between two Yew trees, the air is cool and you can smell the earthy scent of the forest floor. There appears to be a small pathway between the trees which you start to follow. The leaves crackle under foot and you can hear the sounds of birds and wildlife all above and around you.

You follow the path until it leads to a clearing, as you leave the trees you step into dappled moonlight…in the centre of the clearing is a deep pool of water, the surface of which is perfectly still.

You walk right up to the edge of the pool and sit down beside it.

As you gaze into the water you realise the full moon above you is reflected onto the surface of the dark water.

You put your hand down and trail your fingers through the water which sends ripples across the surface.

You centre your thoughts and think of a question or situation you need an answer or clarity to…

Look to the surface of the water for signs and symbols…what do you see?

Above you a hoot rings out across the woods and with a flapping of wings a huge owl takes flight from a tree above you and flies across the clearing.

When you have finished your scrying stand up and make your way back to the pathway and head to the edge of the forest.

Slowly bring yourself back to this reality, stamp your feet and wriggle your fingers.

Meditation from Pagan Portals Moon Magic by Rachel Patterson


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