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In a Witch's Kitchen: The magic of POMEGRANATE

(Punica granatum)

My dad used to buy us a pomegranate each when we were children, he would give us the fruit and a pin to pick out the seeds, I suspect it was purely to keep us quiet for a bit…

The pomegranate always seems like a grand and extravagant fruit to me, maybe it is the colour of all the seeds inside. It is sacred to Persephone (the pomegranate appears in her stories) and Ceres and represents growth and fertility.

Eat pomegranate seeds whilst visualising your intent and if your will is strong enough your wish will come true.

This fruit is often associated with Samhain and the Underworld (see the story of Persephone and Hades) so I think it works well for death and rebirth workings as well as new beginnings.

Pomegranate Magical Properties:

Growth, fertility, wishes, death, rebirth, new beginnings

Ruling planet – Mercury

Element – Fire, Earth

Gender – Masculine

From A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Food by Rachel Patterson


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