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The story behind the book: Magical Food

When I was writing A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Plants & Herbs I realised that there was another facet to magical ingredients. An area that I also work with and have done for years is magical food. Not just working magic into my cooking but also using 'food' ingredients in my spell working.

Hence...the companion book to Magical Plants & Herbs (thanks once again to my publisher Moon Books for accepting the proposal), A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Food was born...

Oh how I love working with food! The whole process fascinates me from growing, harvesting, storing, shopping, pouring over recipe books working out menus, preparing the food, cooking and/or baking and of course the end result of scoffing the lot - yum! It is so easy to put magic into your food as you prepare, book or bake it.

Then there a whole other side, using ingredients that you would associate with cooking in your spell work. Dried pasta is psychic, rice is full of prosperity, beetroot juice makes a good blood substitute, the list is endless and I absolutely loved writing about it.

This book contains seasonal/sabbat recipes, how to work magic into your food, cooking with the moon cycles, food for different intent, and of course a whole cupboard full of magical food correspondences.

My copy of Magical Food sits beside Magical Plants & Herbs and is just as well thumbed and contains and equal amount of post it notes, if not more. It has cake in it, of course it is one of my favourites!

A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Food was published in June 2015.


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