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The magic of cake

Cakes have featured throughout history for centuries and have often been used in ritual, for celebrations or rites of passage.

Cakes were offered to the gods or eaten at ceremonies to appease them or encourage good harvests or even to ensure that the sun rose the next day…personally I don’t need any excuse to eat cake…we eat cake during ritual after the energy work to help us ground us and we eat it at our workshops for breakfast…and elevenses…and lunch…and a snack…

A cake is one of the simplest recipes to enchant with magical energy and carries the energies of all the usual ingredients such as flour, eggs, butter and sugar but can then be given a boost by adding in other flavours.

Soul cakes were made on All Souls Day and Mexicans make special cakes for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and moon cakes are eaten at Chinese lunar festivals.

The ancient Greeks left cakes at crossroads in order to appease the goddess Hecate sometimes apparently with a single candle in so that she could find it in the dark…forerunner for the birthday cake perhaps?

Cake also makes people happy…

Cake Magical Properties:

Happiness, ritual, rites of passage, offerings, celebration, grounding

Element - Earth

Gender – Feminine


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