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A year in review: Onwards and upwards!

Well 2021 was another bizarre year wasn't it?

What the past couple of years have done positively is open up the world of online festivals, workshops and events. I believe this to be a total blessing as it means we can all connect no matter where we are in the world.

Online chats

My weekly Friday morning chats continued throughout the year, although I did give myself some time off in December. You can catch the previous chats on my YouTube channel and I will be kicking off again this Friday. My weekly chats can be watched live on my facebook page or via YouTube.

We also ran some online sabbat and moon phase rituals with Kitchen Witch, replays of those can be found on the Kitchen Witch YouTube channel. Keep an eye out as there will be more this year too.

Book releases

At the end of January 2021 the first book in my elements series was released - The Element of Earth

the next one, The Element of Fire will be released in June this year (2022)

My Triple Goddess book was also released at the end of November 2021

At the end of January 2022 'the big one' will be released, Beneath the Moon

I also have a book in editing with Llewellyn, which will be released at some point, keep an eye on my website for details - A Witch for All Seasons: Spells, Rituals, Festivals, and Magic

And of course, I have a few book contracts that I am working on...

Pagan Portals Gods & Goddesses of England - Moon Books The Element of Water - Moon Books Practical Candle Magic - Llewellyn Household Magic - Moon Books Pagan Portals - Sulis

Online book launch

Join me online for a live book launch for Beneath the Moon

Sunday 23rd January 2022 at 4pm GMT

I will be talking about Moon Magic and giving away a copy of the book

New online course

Journey with us around ancient Britain discovering and making connections with long forgotten Goddesses. The course is designed to run over a year, working with a different Goddess each month.

Twelve pdf lessons, one for each Goddess packed with information, correspondences,

meditations and practical exercises and crafts to help you make a connection.

Each lesson comes with additional video material and access to a private fb group.

Live online rituals will be held each month throughout the duration of the course.

​You will discover the Matres, Arnemetia, Coventina, Verbeia, Rigantona, Senua,

Belisama, Sulis, Sabrina, Andred, Elen and Nemetona

​This course launches February 2022 - cost is £75 but if you are quick the early bird offer of £50 is still available (as I haven't gotten around to changing it on the website yet!)

Kitchen Witch subscription students can purchase the course for a huge discount, at £25, message me for details).


In addition to my weekly Friday morning chats and the Kitchen Witch online rituals you will find me giving talks at the following events, some online, some in person.

WitchCon online - 18th-20th February 2022 -

Wild Witchcraft Conference - Saturday 26th March 2022 -

Witchfest Midlands - Saturday 28th May 2022 -

Pagan Tribal Gathering - 23rd-26th June 2022 -

Artemis Gathering - 26th-29th August 2022 -

There are a couple of other events still in the planning, keep an eye on my events page for details.


My regular ramblings will continue here on my personal blog but you will also find musings over on:


It is my honour to continue to write a regular column for Fate and Fortune magazine along with regular articles in Witchcraft and Wicca. I have also teamed up with fellow Practically Pagan Moon Books authors to write a new regular column in Pagan Dawn.

As we head into another year, remember to be kind to each other -

we aren't all in the same boat, but we are all on the same ocean.


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