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Book Review: The Medicine Wheel

Book Review: The Medicine Wheel by Barry Goddard

The official blurb:

The Medicine Wheel shows us how to both live and transform ourselves while remaining in balance with the natural world. Indigenous peoples in the Americas, with whom these Wheels originate, have a profound understanding of what it means to be human that has been largely lost in the modern world. This book is not just another ‘self-help’ guide, but rather an exploration of an ancient map that shows how human beings and the world work. A Wheel is very simple and experiential – dividing the world into the four basic elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air – and on that basis it creates a deep and transformative psychology, a subtle and practical philosophy and a ceremonial form through which the community can celebrate the sacredness of life.

My thoughts:

I love working with a medicine wheel, it can bring a huge amount of insight and help guide you on your pathway. Barry Goddard's book takes the idea and shows you how to work with it to help in all areas of your life. Very well written with prompts and guidelines to assist you in creating your own magical wheel. Very interesting book and incredibly useful for those looking to work with the medicine wheel.


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