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Creating an Ocean Jar

I have always been drawn to the ocean, it is my place of sanctuary and restoration.

Although I am lucky enough to live a five minute drive from the sea, it isn't always possible to visit regularly so I wanted something to create a connection at home.

The answer was an ocean jar.

A large empty pickle jar had been lurking in the kitchen for a while, I knew it would come in handy for something so there was the container ready and waiting.

A special trip was made to the seafront with the intent of bringing that connection home. I asked permission from the sea and the land before collecting any items. I also made sure to send healing energy and a blessing to the water and seafront before I left.

The seafront provided me with a bag of hag stones and various sea shells.

The base felt like it needed a layer of sand, so that is what I added in first.

Then the shells and hag stones were carefully placed in.

I do have some sea glass, but it wasn't collected from my local beach so I am holding off on adding them as I want this to be a connection to an area I know. However, you could add in sea glass or drift wood if you have some.

It feels complete for the moment, and it has a wonderful energy to it. The jar is on my altar to bring that ocean connection and the combined energy of sand, shells and hag stones. I feel it could also be used for divination - ask your question and give the jar a gentle shake and see what images or patterns you can find to give you some insight.

The jar could also be adapted for the elements or a river connection.


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