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Dear Diary: Health scare, Magical Self Care and a book announcement


Well 2024 has turned out to be a rubbish year for health so far, I would like to put out a request to the Universe to stop assing about with it all!

I received an invitation from the NHS/Our Future Health to volunteer in a research programme.  I nearly didn't go because the nearest clinic meant driving into the city.  However, I decided to 'do my bit' and went last week for the first tests.  What it flagged up was that I had very high blood pressure and cholesterol way over the recommendations.  Buggeration! 

Monday I called the docs and they got me in for a blood pressure reading and over to the hospital for blood tests on the Tuesday.   My blood pressure reading was still high so they called me back in Thursday to read it again, this time it was lower.  The blood results came back on Thursday as well and it has shown an issue with my liver.  I have to eat healthy and avoid all the nasties (and by nasties I mean all the good stuff like cheese, fried food and puddings) for a few weeks and go back in 6 weeks to have the bloods tested again.  If it is still being a buggeration then we will need to go to plan B.

I have to tell you, it was bl**dy scary.  I went into full on panic mode, wondering if I would drop dead any second or not wake up the next day.  And yes, there were tears. 

Saturday I began my healthy eating plan and I have to begrudgingly admit I do feel better for it.  I am not on a diet (shudders in horror) but have adopted the Mediterranean style of eating after having done a huge amount of research.  I have a list of all the foods that are good for lowering BP and cholesterol and am actually enjoying cooking with them.

To be perfectly fair, scary as it was, I am blessed that firstly the research study flagged them up and secondly that it isn’t too serious.  We have had several very lovely friends in a much worse health situation so far this year and my heart goes out to them.

The NHS may be lacking in funding and practically on its knees but ‘all hail’ to them for looking after me so well this past week.

Hedge Witch

This has been the focus of my week to be honest, but…drum roll please…the Hedge Witch book manuscript has been finished, at least it is ready for the first edit.  I have farmed it out to a couple of lovelies to read through for me to make sure I haven’t written anything totally stupid or missed anything out.  Then I can do the final edit and get it off to the publisher, Fenix Flames – hurrah!

Magical Self Care

So many people seem to be struggling at the moment for whatever reason, so we have put some support network in place, it isn’t much but hopefully it will help.

I have set a series of Magical Self Care posts up on my blog, one a week, that began on 22nd February.

We will also be running a monthly Kitchen Witch Coven Community Check In over on the Kitchen Witch Coven facebook page, going out on the first of each month.  The March thread is up, hop on over and take a peek.

Remember you are never alone, if there is anything myself and the KW team can do, please reach out to us.

Mooncon24 – Saturday 9th March 2024

Another little shout out for MoonCon24 as I am so proud to be a part of it, streaming live Saturday 9th March, do head on over and join us.

The event will air live on Saturday 9th March on the Moon Books YouTube channel and facebook page.  Starting at 6pm (GMT) it will run continuously for three hours and will include a talk from Morgan Daimler about the Irish pantheon and from Mhara Starling on the Welsh pantheon.  The grand finale is a panel with both Morgan and Mhara who are then joined by Jhenah Telyndru with me as host (and fighting the English pantheon corner) to finish up.  It looks to be an epic event and is free and open to all.   In case you didn’t notice, there is a theme this year – Celtic pantheon.

Podcast Pimping

And of course you know I cannot stop promoting the Pagan Portal Podcast, it is still young, but we have already had so many fabulous guests, this week the new episode features Robin Herne where we talked about wolves in many forms – look out for the quote about people being moorish like Pringles!

 Book Announcement

I am beyond thrilled to be the first in a new book series from the publisher Moon Books.

"Moon Books Duets are a celebration of ten years of the unique Pagan Portals series and a recognition of some of our finest and most popular authors. Presented as a hard cover collector’s edition, Duets encompass two of the best-selling Pagan Portals under one cover. In this edition you will find Kitchen Witchcraft and Moon Magic by Rachel Patterson."

Hang on in there folks, this year has been a bumpy ride,

but spring is on the way with new, fresh and exciting energy ♥


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