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Dear Diary: Hit the reset, secret plans and dragons

My experience with eclipse energy is that it shakes things up and the eclipse this week has certainly done that. I find an eclipse resets things to how they are supposed to be, it is like hitting the off switch on your computer, leaving it for a few seconds and then turning it back on - it generally sorts out any issues. So this week we have had a life reset.

In fact the energy during the day yesterday (the day of the eclipse) was all over the place and definitely of the grumpy variety.

Today is a new day...

Lots of stuff has happened since my last Dear Diary but time has passed since then and I cannot remember what it was. So instead of looking backwards, let's have a look forward.

Ssssh...plotting in progress

There are some incredibly exciting plans going on behind the Kitchen Witch scenes, my apologies for being vague but they aren't ready to hatch yet. Rest assured when they are you will hear about it.

Magical hardback

One fabulous piece of news comes from my publisher Moon Books who have released a collector's edition hard back copy which houses two of my best selling Pagan Portal Books - Kitchen Witchcraft and Moon Magic. Available to pre-order now and for less than the price of buying the paperback copies individually.

Spring has sprung

The spring energy has hit and the garden is beginning to look green and lovely, that energy has also inspired me to have all kinds of clear outs from the kitchen cupboards to entire rooms, it is not pretty yet but it will be.

Free Dragon Magic Workshop

One event I am really looking forward to this year is the release of my next book Pagan Portals Dragon Magic. Dragons have walked with me my entire life so I am really excited to be able to share this introduction to dragon magic with you. We are launching it with a free, online dragon magic workshop to include a talk, a dragon ritual and some guidance on how to work with dragons.

Dragon Magic Free Online Workshop

Saturday 22nd June 2024

6pm - 8.30pm UK (BST)

Streaming live to


There will be a special 'at-the-moment-its-a-secret' thingumy to go along with the book launch, more details to follow soon...


As always do keep an eye on my 'events' page on the website and over on the Kitchen Witch website on the 'what's on' page for details of online rituals, events, talks and general shenanigans.


This week in particular has been a reminder that you cannot please all the people all of the time. And also that not everyone will get on with everyone else, we are all individuals and not all of our personalities will be compatible. I don't always get things right, but I do try my best and if I do get it wrong I will always try and own up to it. Sometimes things just don't work out, sometimes things change, that is a fact.

And the time I met the Easter Bunny


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