Kitchen Witchcraft: Cooking Up Some Magic

OK so you are rocking your ‘kitchen witch’ apron, your kitchen is all tidy, and your altar is all pretty, then what?

Even the most domesticated goddess won’t feel like cooking every single day, so just give yourself a few moments before you start to get yourself in the right frame of mind. Stand in front of your altar or your goddess picture/statue and calm, centre and ground yourself.

If you are making a meal for yourself or to share you don’t want to be doing it whilst sending out negative energies. Part of the cooking process allows you to ‘add’ magic to the meal, whether it is in the form of herbs, ingredients or just the positive energy you use whilst you cook. Even if the only cooking you do is to open the packet and warm it up.


Whilst you are preparing your meal try and think and feel positive whilst you are stirring the pots clockwise to bring good energies in. As you add ingredients really take notice of their colour, their shape, their energy, the connection they had with the earth.

And of course you can tailor your ingredients for the meal you are making. If you are making a romantic meal for a loved one you could add items that have love as one of their magical properties such as cloves or basil or make a pie from apples – charging the ingredients with your intent. If you are making a dish for the family you could add cinnamon as this brings the magical properties of a happy home, safety and protection.

You know the archetypes like asparagus and oysters being aphrodisiacs, but every food has magical properties. Here are some ‘traditional’ suggestions but I would encourage you to go with your intuition, hold the ingredient in your hand and see what magic it has for you:


Basil – Wealth, money, prosperity, love, exorcism, protection, happiness, peace

Bay - Protection, purification, strength, power, healing, creativity, spirituality, psychic powers

Black pepper – Protection, exorcism, jealousy, negativity, strength, confidence, gossip

Cabbage – Moon magic, protection, prosperity, fertility, love

Carrots – Clarity, fertility, passion

Chilli pepper – Creativity, energy, power, protection, passion, hex breaking

Chocolate – Prosperity, positive energy, happiness, love

Garlic – Healing, protection, hex breaking, negative energies, lust, strength, courage, depression

Lemon – Purification, moon magic, happiness, decisions, uplifting, love, protection, friendship, fidelity

Mint – Money, healing, exorcism, protection, cleansing, calming

Parsley – Protection, purification, lust, happiness, fertility, spirit work

Rice – Prosperity, fertility, protection, rain, grounding, stability

Rosemary – Protection, love, lust, mental powers, exorcism, purification, healing, sleep

Strawberry – Love, fertility, romance, luck, success

Thyme – Healing, health, peace, psychic powers, love, purification, courage, releasing, sleep, beauty

Tomato – Love, passion, protection, creativity

Kitchen Witchcraft: Your next steps

You eat every day, now it’s time to become more aware of what you are eating and if possible create the food you eat. Even with something as simple as making a cup of tea, take note of what type of tea it is whether it is black, green or herbal, see if you can pick up any energies from the tea bag, what does it say to you?

Each time you create a meal whether it is pouring out a bowl of cereal or a lavish dinner party with eighteen courses…connect with the ingredients. You can add your own magic and intent to any meal that you eat or any beverage that you drink.

Focus on the ingredients you are using and charge them with magical energy, draw it up from the ground, from the air, the sun and the sky and send that intent into the food.

Create a space that you are comfortable cooking and eating in and always try to be in a positive mood when you cook. Working with recipes when you are cross will only end in disaster.

Go with your intuition, it is your best guide. If you want to create a dish for a particular reason stop and think about the intent and see what ingredients your intuition suggests to you.

Ultimately this is your journey, nothing is wrong, make it personal to you and make it your own.

Let’s work magic into your cooking…


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