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Love spells: Correspondences and suggestions

Check my previous blog post ‘Enough with the love spells‘ for my views on love spells…the choice, as always is yours to make.

Love correspondences:

Crystals to work with for love spells:

Amber, beryl, calcite, chrysocolla, emerald, jade, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, moonstone, pearl, sapphire, topaz, pink tourmaline, turquoise.

Herbs to work with for love spells:

Agrimony, ash, aster, basil, benzoin, betony, birch, bleeding heart, caraway, cardamom, catnip, chamomile, chestnut, chickweed, cinnamon, cinquefoil, cleavers, clove, clover, coltsfoot, columbine (aquilegia), copal, coriander, cornflower (batchelor’s buttons), crocus, cumin, cyclamen, daffodil, daisy, dandelion, dill, dittany of Crete, dock, dragon’s blood, dulse, elm, fern, frankincense, geranium, ginger, hawthorn, hazel, heather, horehound, hyacinth, iris, ivy, jasmine, juniper, lady’s mantle, lavender, lemon balm, lilac, lobelia, lovage, mallow, mandrake, marjoram, meadowsweet, mistletoe, myrtle, orchid, pansy, passion flower, periwinkle, poppy, primrose, rose, rosemary, rowan, Saint John’s wort, sandalwood (red) , sea holly, sorrel, thyme, tulip, valerian, vervain, violet, willow, yarrow.

Day of the week for love spells:


Planet for love spells:


Zodiac signs for love spells:

Libra, Cancer.

Moon phases for love spells:

Full moon, Dark moon.

Colours for love spells:

Red, pink.

Flower blossom name love spell

This is a variation on the old ‘throw a piece of apple peel over your shoulder and see what letter it forms’ spell to find out the first letter of the name of your new love.

You will need:

A handful of small flower heads or large flower petals (violet flower heads or rose petals work well)

Take the flowers in your hand and standing outside facing west think about love and being part of a happy couple. Throw the flowers in the air. Where the flowers land should (hopefully) show you a letter of the alphabet.

Rose petal new love spell

Cast this spell on a new moon to bring new love into your life.

You will need:

A rose petal in a colour you associate with love

A piece of paper

A new, unused pen

A candle in a colour you associate with love

A new, unused envelope

Take the paper and the pen and sit somewhere quiet and comfortable, on the day of a new moon. Write your request on the paper. It can be a chant or rhyme but also just heartfelt words will work. Something like:

On this new moon night

As my candle shines bright

Bring my new love to me

So mote it be!

When night falls set your candle on a window sill and light it. Sit or stand in front of the candle and read out your written words. Then hold the petal in front of the candle until you can see the flame through it. Place the petal and the written spell in the envelope. Seal it with a drop of the candle wax. Put the envelope on your altar or in a safe place. This should work within the monthly cycle of the moon.

Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 14.2.18


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