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Magical Food - Blueberries


(Vaccinium Cyanococcus)

The blue berry plant is a perennial flowering plant that produces indigo blue berries.

The blueberry is a totally hippy fruit that brings with it the energies of peace, calm, acceptance and protection…yeah man…

Blueberries are especially useful in workings and spells to prevent a psychic attack.

Another fruit that is good for fertility workings and also to add a bit of va va voom to your sex life.

Eat the fruit fresh or dry the berries and the leaves to use in medicine pouches and incense blends…oh and muffins of course coz blueberry muffins are delicious.

Blueberries Magical Properties:

Calm, peace, protection, passion, fertility

Ruling planet – Moon

Element – Earth, water

Gender – Feminine

From A Kitchen Witch's World of Magic Food by Rachel Patterson


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