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Magical Food - Onions


(Allium cepa)

The good ole onion has to be one of the most commonly used vegetables in cooking.

Onions and garlic were apparently fed to the labourers who built the Great pyramid of Khufu and some ancient Egyptians paid their workers with onions.

The Egyptians also believed that onions absorbed negative energy and impurities and also used onions to swear oaths upon.

Onions have historically been used to protect against infectious diseases and often used in exorcism.

The humble onion is good for sexual energy and fertility but I would not recommend eating it raw before any kind of romantic encounter…you don’t want to be giving onion flavoured snogs…just saying…

Eat onions for physical and spiritual health and protection.

Onion Magical Properties:

Passion, fertility

Ruling planet – Mars

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine

From A Kitchen Witch's World of Magic Food by Rachel Patterson


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