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Magical Food - Rice


(Oryza spp)

A cereal grain, rice must be one of the main staple foods eaten across the world and it comes in lots of varieties long grain, short grain, pudding, basmati, risotto, black, red … you name it they got it.

Rice is one of the Seven Sacred Grains the others being barley, corn, oats, millet, rye and wheat. These grains are responsible for keeping cultures, entire civilisations and indeed mankind alive.

We throw rice at weddings to bring fertility and abundance to the happy couple.

I use rice a lot in spell work to symbolise money and prosperity but it also works really well in witches bottles to ‘soak up’ negative energy and provide protection.

To add some money bringing oomph to your rice it needs to come in contact with currency, so drop a few silver coins into your box of rice or roll up a note or too and pop it in there.

Colouring your rice dishes with green food colouring will also increase the money making energy.

Rice is also said to be good for bringing rain…but as I live in the UK where we have more rain than we need I haven’t tested this.

Try mixing some glitter into your dried rice to add to prosperity medicine pouches…you can never have enough glitter…but don’t eat it…

Keeping a jar of rice near your front door is said to distract evil spirits as they are compelled to stop in the doorway and count the grains thus protecting your home.

Rice makes a good grounding meal bringing stability and comfort with it.

Rice Magical Properties:

Prosperity, fertility, protection, rain, grounding, stability

Ruling planet – Sun

Element – Air, Earth

Gender – Masculine


Publication 26th June 2015

Food is magical, not just because of the amazing tastes, flavours and aromas but also for the magical properties it holds. The magic starts with the choice of food to use, be added in whilst you are preparing and cooking then the magic unfolds as people enjoy your food. Dishes can be created for specific intents, moon phases, and rituals, to celebrate sabbats or just to bring the magic into your family meal. Many food ingredients can also be used very successfully in magical workings in the form of offerings, medicine pouches, witches bottles and poppets. Let's work magic into your cooking...


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