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Meditating With Crystals

You can use crystals as an aid to meditation by just holding one or two in your hand or placing one on your altar and if you are lying down you can balance a crystal on your heart or third eye chakra. But you can also journey with and into the crystals themselves.

Blue coloured calming stones such as aquamarine, blue calcite and turquoise will help to clear your mind and bring about a feeling of calm to your body.

Purple and clear stones can help you to reach a higher state of consciousness such as amethyst, clear quartz and charoite.

Most healing stones are useful to use during meditation; agate, amethyst, amazonite, ametrine, aquamarine, aventurine, carnelian, citrine, chrysoprase, quartz, Herkimer diamond, moonstone, bloodstone, amber, snowflake obsidian and jet.


I have listed here some crystal suggestions, they obviously have lots of different magical and specific healing properties associated with them but I have given the uses relevant to meditation:

Agate (banded) – a good balancing stone and a good all healer it also improves memory and concentration.

Amber – a good stone for self healing it also improves the memory and relieves depression. It is a good stone to focus on for past life work and astral travel, also increasing your psychic abilities.

Amethyst – an all round healing stone for the mind, emotions, body and spirit. It is a powerful psychic enhancer and can restore energies.

Ametrine – cleansing and balancing this stone fills the body with light. A good stone to work with for spirit, power animal or angel contact it also helps with astral projection and offers a doorway into other realms.

Apophyllite – brings mental clarity, good memory and concentration, helps you prioritise and fine tune, very good for deep meditation, astral projection, past life recall, remembering your dreams and clairvoyance.

Aquamarine – increases intuition, psychic awareness and clairvoyance and is an excellent focus for meditation and visualization especially for lost worlds such as Atlantis and Lemuria.

Aventurine (green) – enhances mental perception and brings a calming energy. Useful to induce psychic dreams and for clairvoyance.

Bloodstone – a good past life stone.

Blue calcite – brilliant for meditation and instigating creative dreams.

Blue lace agate – Calming and stress relieving this stone also brings renewed energy for healing others, it is a crystal of peace. It also helps develop clairaudience skills.

Carnelian – a good past life crystal and helps with psychic protection.

Charoite – helps with sleep, an excellent past life crystal to work with and can help with telepathic abilities.

Chrysocolla – a healing, peaceful stone that can help induce psychic dreams and bring answers to you.

Chrysoprase – a lovely healing stone that makes the mind, body and spirit receptive to healing energies. Excellent for meditation especially when you are outside to help connect with the energies of nature.

Citrine – a stone for easing depression and helping bring clarity of thought. Citrine enhances your intuition and helps unlock your inner voice. It is also a useful stone to use in creative visualization to help bring your goals into reality.

Clear quartz – an incredibly versatile crystal for all kinds of uses it absorbs negative energy and transforms it into healing and positive vibes. Quartz amplifies your psychic and healing abilities and can act as a channel for spirit and animal guides or angels.

Fuchsite – a stone of inspired thinking and a good crystal to use for astral projection or spirit guide contact, also works well as a connection to the Faerie world.

Hematite – a good stone for self healing and balance it also works well for astral travel as it provides grounding and protection alongside stimulating your astral connections.

Herkimer diamond – this stone works on the deepest levels allowing spiritual healing and the opening of your chakras and aura. It helps with spiritual dreams and dream recall and helps with astral travel it also aids in visualization skills.

Jade – boosts self healing and brings calm and balance to the mind and emotions it also aids with self love and self esteem.

Jet – can be used as a doorway into other realms and makes an excellent past life stone.

Kunzite – an excellent stone to develop your intuition and helps in spirit and animal guide, nature spirit and angel contact.

Labradorite – brings creative dreams and helps with psychic abilities.

Larimar – a self healing stone and helpful to de stress also hones your telepathic abilities and aids in working with the Akashic records.

Merlinite – a shamanic type stone that allows you to communicate with the elementals and the energy of nature. It gives you access to your deepest intuition and helps give contact with spirit guides it is also a stone of harmony that helps give clear psychic visions.

Moonstone – a very magical stone this works well in developing psychic abilities and channeling messages.

Moss agate – use a clear moss agate stone as a gateway during meditation to lead you into other realms.

Muscovite – increases spiritual growth and aids with psychic abilities.

Orange calcite – a good crystal for relaxation and to help enhance your intuition.

Peridot – a stone that fills your mind, body and spirit with a sense of peace and general wellbeing.

Petallite – increases your awareness and helps you connect with the spirit world and other realms.

Prehnite – a balancing and healing stone that helps with dream recall.

Rhodochrosite – a strong healing stone especially on an emotional level.

Rhodonite – a good healing stone particularly on a mental level, allowing you to let go.

Rose quartz – a good all round healing stone not just on a physical level but also for emotional grief, stress, anger and fear. It is a beautiful stone of peace and works well for psychic work.

Sapphire – a spiritual healing stone particularly good for channeling work it is also good for assisting with clairvoyance and clairaudience and helps boost your psychic powers.

Selenite – a very strong crystal to use for psychic connections it works with the spirit world, angels and ancestors and assists with dream recollection and any past life work.

Serpentine – a balancing and calming stone it also helps with visualization skills.

Snowflake obsidian – excellent to place on your third eye during meditation it is soothing and calming and will help with spirit world connection.

Sugilite – a stone that was made for meditation. It helps open the channels and bring awareness of other realms.

Tanzanite – helps connect you to ancient wisdom and other spiritual realms.

Turquoise – a spiritual stone that helps open the door to the Akashic records and all the wisdom of the world.

Variscite – calming and balancing this is an excellent stone to use for channeling, Akashic records, journeying and vision quests.


When you meditate with a crystal for a particular purpose, for healing yourself, connecting with a particular element (earth, air, fire, water) or perhaps a specific angel or deity select a crystal that you feel associates with your intent. You can then either hold the crystal in your hand or set it in front of you.

You will need to connect with the energy of that crystal, visualize the energy radiating from the crystal and connecting with you.

You can also pack your virtual rucksack and pop on your imaginary hiking boots and take a trip into a crystal. This works best with larger crystals that have inclusions (imperfections) and lots of facets. Visualise yourself shrinking down Alice in Wonderland style so that you are small enough to scale the heights of the crystal, hike up the slopes, investigate the valleys, dips and peaks and see where it takes you. Remember to come back to full size afterwards…

Crystal meditation also works well for past life exploration. Find a crystal for that specific purpose, one that feels right to you but some suggestions are variscite, quartz, tanzanite, prehnite, lepidolite, merlinite, peridot, amber, carnelian, garnet, serpentine and green aventurine. Large cloudy crystals work well. Place the crystal in front of you and visualize a doorway appearing in the side of the crystal. Connect with the energy of the crystal then walk through the doorway…see where (and when) it takes you…to return to reality just count slowly backwards from ten to one.

Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 9.4.18


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