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On the fly meditation music

Recently I found myself sitting in my car waiting outside the college for our youngest. He only had one lesson and there was no point driving back home and then out again to collect him. So I waited in the car. I was prepared, I had my Kindle to read and a couple of book reviews to write.

However, it was warm in the car and I found myself feeling drowsy. Then I had the idea that it would make the perfect situation for a meditation. I was comfortable and warm and it was quiet outside.

I have a meditation music list on Spotify so I picked up my phone to set it in motion. Only to discover that the phone signal there is totally rubbish and Spotify was a bust.

Since having Spotify I haven't downloaded any music to my phone, but I had a look just in case and discovered a very old playlist that must have been from a previous phone incarnation.

The choice of music was fabulous if I wanted to dance and sing, not so much for meditation.

The list included:

Eight 1980's compilation albums

Wintersmith by Steeleye Span

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel soundtrack

Two Bollywood albums

Duck Rock by Malcolm McLaren

Thompson Twins greatest hits

Two David Bowie albums

Aretha Franklin greatest hits

The Very Best of Jimmy Somerville

Practical Magic soundtrack

Frankie Goes to Hollywood greatest hits

The First of a Million Kisses by Fairground Attraction

As you can see, my choice was limited. I decided to try The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel soundtrack mainly because it is mostly instrumental.

Huzzah! I drifted away into meditation very easily and the music was absolutely perfect.

I have now added the soundtrack to my regular meditation playlist.

It was a reminder to me that a lot of music works very well for meditation, not just plinky plonky lift music!


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