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Protecting your children with magic: Anti bully spells

I receive quite a few queries on a regular basis asking about spells to protect children, especially if they are being bullied. Bear in mind that I have experienced this situation as a parent myself. I have made some suggestions below, they won’t sit well with everyone and they won’t be relevant to all, so take what works for you and your child, if it helps. They can of course be used for adults, because bullying doesn’t just happen to children.

As a parent our first reaction is to break out the Viking in us and go on a rampage…whilst this may make you feel better initially it probably isn’t the best course of action…and quite frankly I don’t have the beard for it…

Your first step

My first response always is to say – seek a mundane solution first. If your child is being bullied at school contacting the Head Teacher must be your primary action. Log the incident with the school and ask to speak to someone face to face. Make sure measures are put in place to protect your child and to discuss with the bully why it is happening. You may have to keep on top of it and stay in regular contact with the school.

If your child has been badly physically abused by another child, then you may also want to seek assistance from the police.

Working magic

Then and only then would I suggest some magical workings.

My thoughts are for protection first. Teach your child how to bring up a personal shield using the bubble method or a white light, whatever makes sense to them. It can help against bullies but may also assist if your child is nervous or not very confident in large groups of other children.

Make a protection pouch, involve your child in choosing the colour of the bag and the herbs and spices that go inside it. Show them how to charge it with protective energy.

Ask your child to choose a crystal that they believe will bring them protection and courage, they can pop this in their blazer pocket or school bag.

If you want to work some candle magic then a protection spell to surround your child can help. You could also work a candle spell to help the bully, I know it sounds weird but they will be acting out in this manner for a reason.

I keep little representations of my children and my husband on my main altar, set in front of my goddess statue to bring protection for them.

Stronger action

If drastic action is required, and you may feel uncomfortable about doing this. At the end of the day I will do whatever it takes to protect my children…but this has to be your call. You may want to work a freezer spell. Pop the name of the bully on a slip of paper and pop it in your freezer. This should have the affect of stopping the child from causing harm.

The far end of the scale is a binding, not something I would usually recommend to use against a child but if the situation is that bad and nothing else has worked this might be a ‘last resort’ kinda thing. Take a representation of the bully (a photo or a poppet perhaps) and bind it, with string or tape. Visualising the bully not being hurt themselves but keeping them away from your child and stopping any further incidents.

Spells for anti bullying and protection

Here are some specific spell suggestions (from my book Kitchen Witchcraft: Spells & Charms)

Verbal bullying protection spell

This is ideal for children to carry with them (and adults too). Let the person who the spell is for choose the crystal themselves, as children are especially intuitive when choosing crystals.

You will need:

A piece of cloth, felt or small drawstring bag

Ribbon (if using cloth or felt)

A crystal to bring peace

Essential oil blend for peace (I like lavender, rose and sweet pea)

A candle for peace (white or pink are both good)

A bay leaf (for protection and strength)

A piece of cinnamon (for power, protection and changes)

Dried lavender or lavender oil (for peace, protection and strength)

Anoint the chosen crystal with the essential oil blend, then anoint the candle too.

Light the candle and focus on the flame, see the anger and emotions associated with bullying leave, being burnt away by the flame.

Take the bay leaf, piece of cinnamon and the crystal and charge them with your intent then pop it into the bag or onto the cloth. Sprinkle on some of the dried lavender or a drop of lavender oil, charging with your intent again. Tie the cloth up with ribbon or pull the drawstrings on the pouch closed.

Hold the pouch in front of the candle flame and charge it once again with your intent, to form protection around the bearer and to deflect any bullying.

If the pouch loses some of its power you can re-charge it again in front of the candle flame.

White light protection

This is a form of the protection ‘bubble’ and can be used for yourself or projected onto another person. If it is for someone else use a photograph to represent them if you can. I have used white because it is good colour to work with for creating a protection bubble but if you prefer to use another colour go with it.

You will need:

Incense or oil burner and oil – use a scent you associate with protection such as bay, rosemary or dragon’s blood

White candle

Sit quietly and light the incense/oil burner and enjoy the fragrance for a moment. Then light the candle. When you are ready call upon the Divine, deity or spirits of your choice to lend their protection. Visualise the light from the candle growing stronger and bigger until it wraps itself completely around you (or the image of another person).

Say something like:

White light protect me and keep me safe

Blessed be

Protection bag spell for a child

This will keep a child from harm, they might also like to help when you create it.

You will need:

Protection herbs and spices

A coin minted in the child’s year of birth

An initial bead or charm with the child’s name on

A baby tooth (if you have one)

A pouch

Charge all the items with protection and pop them in the pouch, keep in a safe place until the child is old enough to look after it.

Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 19.2.18


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