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The Magic of Roses


(Rosa spp)

We must all be familiar with the rose, whether it is as a bush, a climber or in a bunch of flowers. It is a perennial with more varieties and colours than you can shake a stick at. The flowers bloom between May and September and are followed by rosehips. You can also find certain varieties growing in the wild. I have several rose bushes and climbers in my garden and dry all the petals, which is incredibly easy, I sprinkle the petals on a large tray and leave them to dry in the conservatory.

Rose is a good herb to use to represent the Mother and also for any workings where mysteries need to be delved into.

Use rose in any workings for love, psychic powers and knowledge. Rose petals are also good for dream work and moon magic.

Roses and the petals have long been associated with love so they work well for any kind of love spells, use pink for friendship, red for passion and white for peace.

The rose has sharp thorns so use it in protection workings. It is also a very feminine flower so can be incorporated into any spell or ritual work that requires feminine energy.

Rose also had a connection with death and rebirth, the plant appearing to be dead during the winter months but coming back to life in the spring.

Sprinkle rose petals in your bathwater for a balancing, relaxing and love filled bath.

Use rose petals in workings for luck and abundance.

Rose petals also work well for casting the circle at handfastings.

Cast a circle with rose petals.

Press petals into candles.

Dry petals and crush, roll a dressed candle in them.

Rose Magical Properties:

Love, psychic powers, healing, luck, protection, peace, mysteries, knowledge, dreams, friendship, death and rebirth, abundance

Ruling planet – Venus, Moon

Sign - Pisces

Element – Water

Gender – Feminine



Accept yourself for who you are

Know that you can then go far

Empowerment is yours to take

Step forward it is time to awake

Take back your own power strong

Becoming a superhero won’t take long


This card is all about you, with self-love and acceptance of who you are and what you are comes empowerment and that totally rocks! Relax and centre yourself, take back your own power and take on the world. This is about giving yourself permission to be in charge, to totally own your own space and be in control of all that you do, think and say. Whatever needs sorting in your life you can tackle it, make it work for you and make your voice heard. Even if it is just giving the kids a list of chores that they need to do before they get their allowance – that is a major achievement! Make your power work for you. Accept yourself, bring your emotions into balance and you are well on the way to empowering yourself. Accepting yourself for who you are is paramount to taking control of your own life and ultimately your own destiny. Accepting your strengths and your weaknesses will allow you to better understand others. Acceptance that the world and all the humans on it are not perfect and acceptance that you are not perfect either is a huge step forward and will help you to live a more peaceful and productive life.


Romans loved their roses and would use them to decorate, to throw over the floor to make the room smell nice and would float them in their wine, they were an inventive lot. Roman brides and grooms both wore crowns of roses. The deities Cupid, Venus and Bacchus are often depicted wearing crowns of roses. If you were having a meeting and you wanted it to be a private one you would hang a single rose above the dining room table as a sign that anything said over the table would be kept secret. Perhaps even where the idea of ceiling roses came from?


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