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Undoing or Reversing Spells

Undoing or reversing spells

There are a few questions that I get asked on a regular basis, one of them is:

“I worked a spell and it has gone horribly wrong, how do I undo it”

It does happen, I suspect it has occurred for most of us at one time or another. Spells do have a habit of working in unexpected ways.

There are a few pointers to avoiding spell catastrophes, but this is given in the smug situation of hindsight…

  • Don’t work a spell if you are really angry or upset, wait until you have calmed down and thought it through properly.

  • Don’t work a spell if you are drunk or high, who knows what chaos you could cause.

  • Keep detailed descriptions of your spells, write down what you did, how you did it, when you did it and what you used – if you have all that information to hand it makes it easier to undo.

  • Keep your spell remnants if the working has a possibility of going pear shaped, particularly in the case of intents such as bindings and love spells. If you have the remnants of the working it makes it easier to cancel out the original spell.

My suggestions

I wrote about breaking a hex, unbinding and removing a curse in a previous blog post, some of those spells can be adapted or used to undo a spell, particularly the unbinding one.

However, here are some more ideas, you will need to see which one best fits your own situation and the type of spell you worked.


If you kept the spell remnants you can simply burn them, this will cancel out the original spell perfectly. This only really works if you didn’t use fire in the original spell casting. If you used fire initially, burning the remnants could actually increase the energy of the spell, and ya don’t wanna be doing that. Please make sure that you only burn safe items, anything plastic should not be burnt.


If you have specific details written down from when you cast the spell you can work a new spell to cancel each step. Beside each step, each chant, each herb or ingredient used make a note of the opposite. If you used moon water in your original spell you could replace that with sun water or fire. If you used an earth element you would replace that with an air one. Any herbs you used will need to be replaced with an opposing herb. Any words you used will need to be re-written with a cancelling effect. You might also like to work your reversing spell in the opposite order to the original. Think ‘opposites and reversing’ for all of the steps and ingredients.

Cord cutting

Cutting cords also works well if you have bound yourself to someone or something and then discover that the situation is now overwhelming and you want out.

This can be easily done with visualisation – light a candle and ground and centre yourself. Then close your eyes and see yourself and the other person with all the cords attaching each of you together. There may be one main cord or there might be several. Now you need to visualise each cord cutting and breaking away so that you end up with no cords connecting you. Finish the visualisation by saying something such as ‘I cut the cords that bind us, I release the strings that connect us, I set both of us free’. You might also want to work some self care after a cord cutting, remind yourself that you are surrounded by love and happiness.

Stop the magic

A simple ‘stop the magic’ spell could also be used. Light a black candle and ‘see’ the spell you worked. Then snuff out the black candle and snap it in half. As you do so visualise the original spell falling apart and breaking, dissipating into mist. You could accompany it with some words stating the spell you want to stop and cancel. Bury the broken candle or throw it in the trash.


Whatever you do please don’t use mirror magic or any kind of reflecting spell, as you were the person that cast the spell, the magic will bounce right back and hit you squarely in the face. I am pretty sure that isn’t what you want.


And don’t forget that protection magic has an important place too, keep up your protective guard to minimise any stray backlash.

A word about responsibility

I am assuming you know this already, but I think it only wise to reiterate. If you work any kind of magic then it comes with responsibility. Not just responsibility for others but also for yourself. You are working with energy and power, make sure you do so wisely. Witchcraft is not a game.

Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 23.7.20


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