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Waffling Witches - Dealing with the menopause

We have talked about the menopause and peri menopause on occasion and in passing during our live chats. I have also included a chapter in my book, Curative Magic on dealing with the menopause from a magical point of view.

Now we are dedicating an entire live chat to it...

Dealing with the menopause and peri menopause from a magical viewpoint.

Myself and the Hearth Guardians will talk about our own experiences and how we have dealt with it. We will cover all kinds of magical solutions and support systems to help you through it.

Join us live...

When? Sunday 28th February 2021

4pm UK time

Where? In the Kitchen Witch Coven fb group -

Click on the fb event to let us know you are going (and to give yourself a reminder)

Everyone welcome


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