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We adopted a Pet Tessera

Kitchen Witch is pleased to have adopted a Pet Tessera at the Fishbourne Roman Palace ♥

Adopt a piece of history – and create a new special pet – by sponsoring a tile in the world-famous mosaic at Fishbourne Roman Palace

For just £20, you can sponsor a tessera in the famous Cupid on a Dolphin mosaic at Fishbourne. It will be marked with its own set of googly eyes, creating a new pet tessera just for you.

In return, you can claim to have sponsored a unique piece of 1,900-year-old history at the largest domestic Roman property in the UK.It’s the perfect quirky gift for anyone with an interest in history, archaeology or Classics.

All proceeds will support the work at Fishbourne Roman Palace and The Sussex Archaeological Society, the registered charity which owns and cares for the site.

What you’ll get

  • A digital certificate as proof of adoption

  • A photograph of your Pet Tessera, complete with googly eyes


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