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Witchcraft Daily Challenge

It can be very easily to fall out of daily practices with your Craft, so here are some ideas to get you thinking and hopefully doing...

We will be sharing these daily in the Kitchen Witch facebook group during April, if you would like to share your experiences, insights and photographs there, we would love to hear from you.

  • Clear your altar, clean and cleanse then re-lay it. We would love to see photos of your altars.

  • Create a loose incense blend with items from your spice/herb rack. What did you come up with and how did it smell?

  • Pick a vegetable or fruit from your kitchen and find out what magical properties it has, share your findings with us.

  • Randomly pick a herb, plant or tree you haven't worked with before and learn about it. Share your findings with us.

  • Sort through your crystal collection, are there some you have never worked with before? If so, research them. If you have some you can’t identify, share them on fb to see if others can help.

  • Create a mandala with items from your garden, kitchen cupboards or with household items. Share photos of your creations with us.

  • Create moon water, check the phase of the moon you want to use (waxing, full, waning, dark) and leave a jar of water out under the moon or on a window sill overnight. Label and use in magical workings.

  • Create a magical meal, share photos and/or the recipe with us – what made it magical and why?

  • Pick a magical book from your shelf, one you haven’t read yet/before and start reading it.

  • Share your favourite magical book with us, what do you like about it and why?

  • Look up meditations on You Tube and try some out, what ones worked for you? Share a link to your favourite one with us.

  • Write an invocation, prayer or poem to a deity of your choice

  • What is your favourite pagan music/band/singer to listen to?

  • What is your favourite fiction book or series of books?

  • What is your favourite tarot deck to use and why?

  • Look at a new divination method, what did you choose and how did you get on with it?

  • What is your favourite daily ritual?

  • What is your favourite oracle card deck to use and why?

  • What are your favourite home made beauty items? We have bath bombs, face masks and bath potions, what about you?

For ideas, inspiration and details on herbs, crystals and more take a look at these blogs:


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