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Working Magic: Gossip

Words have power.

Think of affirmations... hat is an affirmation?

An affirmation quite simply is a statement of intent that declares something to be true. So how do they work?

When delivered effectively the statement is heard by our subconscious mind along with every cell of our bodies. This statement then becomes inscribed into the fabric of reality. You see energy tends to follow our thoughts and intentions, and makes them manifest. This is why we are always saying you don’t need all the bells, whistles and tools, intention is all you need.

The power of affirmations has great potency as we create our own world, literally, with the thoughts we empower. In witchcraft this is known as “as above, so below”

Affirmations are so effective because they utilise the powers of intention, creativity, sound and attention all at the same time.

We use affirmations all the time and unfortunately most of them are negative and to our detriment.

How many times have you told yourself that you can’t do something, or that you are too fat, too skinny, not good enough? And you believe it right? Well what if you told yourself that you can do something, you are worthy? What would happen then?

And then we turn to the words that harm, those said by others or even ourselves when we all gossip…and of course we know that can turn ugly and has a nasty habit of being twisted. It can end up with information being passed on that bears no relation to the original words or actions.

I suspect we have all been caught up in the gossip trap on occasion. It is easy to get sucked in with those that love to talk about what others are up to. And it can turn nasty very quickly.

Just be mindful of your words, to yourself and about others...

You can also bring in some protection for yourself against gossip and harsh words.

Herbs to protect against gossip

Black peppercorns





Hang a pouch of cloves above your door to stop gossip and bring about protection to those within your home.

Crystals to protect against gossip



Lapis lazuli

Rose quartz

Gossip Protection spell

You will need:

A quartz

A crystal to represent fire

A crystal to represent water

A crystal to represent air

A crystal to represent earth

A dish of water with Black pepper corns and Cloves

My suggestion: I used a carnelian for fire, a blue lace agate for water, a fluorite for air and a tree agate for earth.

Place the bowl of water in front of you.

Pick up the earth stone and ask that the element of earth bring stability and steadfastness for protection, pop the crystal in the bowl of water.

Pick up the air stone and ask that the element of air blow away all the negative energy. Pop the crystal in the bowl of water.

Pick up the fire stone and ask that the element of fire bring energy for protection. Pop the crystal in the bowl of water.

Pick up the water stone and ask the element of water to wash away gossip, lies and unkind words aimed towards you. Pop the crystal in the bowl of water.

Then take the clear quartz stone in both hands and see it as a shield around you. Pop the quartz into the bowl of water and visualise it drawing up all the positive energy and strength from the four element crystals. When you feel it is ready take the stones out and tip the water on to the earth.

Dry and cleanse the coloured stones and keep for future use. Dry the quartz and carry it with you for protection.


Catch the replay of my talk about gossip, click the link below:

The spell was taken from my book: Kitchen Witchcraft: Crystal Magic


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