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Working Magic: Honeysuckle and A Spell for Clarity

Drawing an oracle card from the Flower Magic Oracle deck gave me a focus for working some magic. This week’s card is honeysuckle, the meaning of which is – clarity. So, I have given the meaning of the card below along with some other correspondences for ‘clarity’.

If you watch the recording of the live video chat I did, you will also see me working some magic. I use some of the herbs and crystals mentioned below along with the oracle card for focus to create a spell mandala.



Does your brain need a boost? Do you need to take a step back and gain some clarity and perspective on a situation? Clear your mind, take a moment (or even a few) to sit and analyse, get those brain cells kicked into action to join the dots and make sense of it all. We all get bogged down with mundane and day to day junk that clogs up our minds and stifles our thought processes. Distractions are all too easy to be led by too. This card is a slap on the back of the head to shake out the grey mind fog and really focus on what you need to. It might help to gain some insight from your intuition too, tap into your psychic abilities and draw from them as well. Always, always trust your intuition because it will never let you down. Just sitting quietly for a few minutes and allow thoughts and ideas to wash through your mind can help you gain incredible insight into any situation.


Dab honeysuckle oil on your forehead to promote quick thinking and boost your memory, this also helps to increase your psychic powers. Use honeysuckle flowers in all prosperity and money workings. Honeysuckle can be added to other herbs in magical workings to help balance the blend and aid in the effectiveness of the intent. Use in incense blends to help you meditate, increase your psychic powers and connect with spirit.


Apparently, it was once thought far too dangerous to bring honeysuckle flowers into the house because the scent would cause young ladies to become ‘unnecessary’ and given to ‘forbidden thoughts’…seems to me like a definite flower to keep indoors… In Greek mythology Daphnis and Chloe were lovers but as they lived far apart and could only see each other whilst the honeysuckle was in bloom, Daphnis asked the god of love if the plant could bloom longer…and so it does, blooming continually throughout warm weather. It was believed that if honeysuckle grew around the entrance to the home it prevented a witch from entering…it certainly doesn’t work in my house…

Herbs, Plants and Food for


Apple, bergamot, cardamom, carrot, celery, clove, coffee, mustard, orange, rosemary, turkey, walnut, watercress




Cinnamon, turkey


Bergamot, Betony, Columbine (Aquilegia), Dill, Horehound, Juniper, Knotweed, Lavender, Rue, Self Heal


Frankincense, Pansy, Pine


Bluebell, Honesty, Pine, Saint John’s Wort, Snapdragon, Sunflower, Sweetpea

Crystals for


Agate, blue lace agate, amber, amethyst, bloodstone, calcite (orange), celestite, chrysocolla, citrine, garnet, goldstone, hematite, jade (nephrite), kyanite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, larimar, malachite, obsidian (black), pyrite, quartz, rhodonite, selenite, serpentine, sodalite, sugilite, sunstone, tiger’s eye, turquoise


Amethyst, howlite, jasper, labradorite, malachite, obsidian (black), pyrite, quartz, quartz (smoky), sugilite, tiger’s eye


Agate, blue lace agate, aventurine (green), bloodstone, carnelian, chrysoprase, garnet, howlite, jade (nephrite), kyanite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, obsidian (black), sodalite, sugilite

Tarot Cards for

Decisions: Justice, The Hermit, The Star, The Lovers, The Hanged Man, The Devil, Judgement, Two of Pentacles, Two of Swords, Seven of Swords, King of Swords, Seven of Cups.

Intuition: The High Priestess, The Devil, The Moon.

Truth: The High Priestess, The Lovers, Justice, The Tower, The Moon, Ace of Swords, Knight of Wands, Seven of Cups, Queen of Cups.


Correspondences from my books -

Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 1.6.20

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