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Working with Dark Moon Magic

The two or three days when the sky is dark and you cannot see the Moon at all, hence the term ‘dark’. Often considered to be part of the new Moon phase, but I like to keep them separate. I think the dark Moon has a magic all of its own.

The Moon is actually facing fully the Sun, showing its dark side to the earth (must be a Darth Vader joke here somewhere). This phase has also been referred to as the ‘dead Moon’.

Dark Moon Magic

Contemplation, inner work, rejuvenation, beauty, health, personal improvement, planning, plotting and looking ahead. A time of introspection, self-analysis and reflection. This is really ‘you’ time, make the most of looking after and doing things for yourself. Relax, rest and recuperate. Meditate, contemplate and just ‘be’. It is a total introvert time of the Moon. Clear your head, get some clarity and gain some perspective. It is kinda like a quiet peaceful pause, before the whole Moon cycle starts again.

This phase is represented as the crone aspect of the goddess. The wise woman full of knowledge and magical mystery. The dark Moon provides an opportunity for introspection and inner work. It also allies nicely with shadow work. Some choose not to work magic on the dark Moon, but I have found it to be very successful especially if it focuses on personal growth and insight. Look to divination and mediation for insight into your inner self. Take time to really see yourself how others do and to take stock of how you treat other people and yourself. Why you act and react as you do.

  • The dark Moon is a good time to give thanks. Take a look back on the previous month and see what worked and what didn’t.

  • Be thankful for what you have. Maybe offer up a little blessing to the Moon for everything that she does.

  • The dark Moon is a good phase to spend some quality alone time. Do what makes you happy.

  • Meditate sitting under the Moon, outside if you have a safe place, or inside by a window. Just sit quietly and focus on the Moon and the phase she is in. Ask her what guidance she has for you.


To watch a replay of my talk about Dark Moon magic and associated plants and herbs (including the poisonous ones!) click the link below

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