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City Witch

I have just returned from a holiday in rural France and it made me think about where we are in the world and what type of area we live in and how we connect with nature.

The place we stayed in was on the edge of a tiny village and surrounded by fields and a huge amount of wild boar forest, alas although I looked every day I didn't ever spot one but I was treated to visits by several lizards, what seemed like hundreds of huge moths, a couple of hawks and lots of bats. In my youth I lived on a farm literally in the middle of nowhere also surrounded by fields but only accessible by a dirt track, no street lamps, no mains gas, electricity and a phone that went out every time there was a storm, no central heating and nowhere for supplies within walking distance (unless you count the farm where we collected our milk straight from the dairy tank). Then it was fantastic fun and a brilliant house for parties... Now (and for the past twenty years) I have lived on the edge of a large city, my house is in the middle of a terrace and I only have a small garden. Which do I prefer? Which one is better for being a witch? I have to admit it...I love living where I do - I love my house, it is my sanctuary as is my garden. The house was built in 1920 and has a lot of original features, I have fire places and stained glass windows and enough space for me and my family to be comfortable. My garden although small has enough space for me to grow all my herbs and to escape to when I need to connect with nature. I don't get visited by wild boar or lizards but I do get magpies, blackbirds, pigeons, lots of spiders and even the odd seagull. All the takeaways deliver, the shops are within walking distance, I am surrounded by hundreds of fabulous restaurants, the ocean and the beach are a five minute drive away as is the forest in the other direction. Basically I feel I have the best of all worlds. Is it harder to be a witch in the city?...from personal experience I have to say a resounding NO. Energy is all around us no matter where we are and the magic and ability to connect with it is WITHIN us. It doesn't matter if you live in a cottage in the middle of a forest or a high rise block of flats in the centre of a city - there is always universal energy of some kind to connect with. Even in big cities there tend to be some green areas - even London and New York have parks! There will always be some kind of nature somewhere, no matter how small, even a pot plant on your dining room table and failing that we have all the elements around us - how easy is it to connect with the element of air? You don't need to go anywhere for that! Every living thing has energy...all you need to do is connect with it, it doesn't have to be standing in the centre of a huge forest (which of course is lovely to do if you can) just holding a pebble from the beach will connect you to that magic. The witch is YOU, not the surroundings that you are in.


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