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The emporium of the disc...

Yesterday we went on a road trip, the first stop was Wincanton in Somerset right on the high street...the home of the Discworld Emporium...

If you didn't know already I am a huge fan of the author Terry Pratchett (Sir) and his Discworld books going back probably about twenty five years. In the early days I collected figures of the characters that were created by Bernard the Cunning Artificer at Clarecraft...for various reasons Clarecraft ceased to be and in its place Bernard and Isobel created the Discworld Emporium purveyors of all things Discworld. The shop looks amazing from the outside, very Ankh-Morpork with fabulous window displays. Inside is even more fantastic with the look and feel of a typical Discworld establishment...thankfully not the Mended Drum but perhaps the Ankh Morpork Post Office... The goodies inside were many and varied and all displayed brilliantly and the staff were so lovely and incredibly friendly. It is not a huge shop but definitely well worth a visit for all Discworld fans and Wincanton has a couple of very nice cafes too... If you can't get to the bricks and mortar shop they do have a very good online service, their website is If you are planning a visit to the shop check the opening times and days on their website as they close a couple of days a week for online order packaging.


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