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The magic of fennel

The fennel in my garden has started to flower... Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)

A perennial it grows up to 5 feet tall with bright green stems that have dark green feathery plumes and bright yellow flowers throughout the summer that turn into aniseed flavour seeds. The root of the plant can also be used and makes a lovely salad or roasted veggie. One of my favourite spices it makes a lovely aromatic tea and the seeds can be munched upon after a spicy meal to settle the digestive system and freshen your breath. It is a fiery spice that brings a breath of fresh, cleansing and purifying air. It is not subtle, it is a strong pungent cleanse, for a real good clear out. Hang fennel in your house for protection (the seeds in a pouch or the leaves in a bunch…not the fennel bulb because that would just be silly). Fennel seeds work well in protection, purification and healing spells. Add fennel seeds to incense blends to cleanse and purify. You can also add fennel seeds to your bath water to clear your mind and purify your body. Carry fennel with you for confidence and courage this probably goes back to Roman soldiers who used to chew the seeds before battle. Throw fennel seeds at hand fastings to ensure fertility for the happy couple and the birds will love you for it as fennel seeds are much tastier than uncooked rice or paper confetti. Add a few fennel seeds (or a fennel tea bag) to your floor wash to give your home a cleanse and purification and to add protection. Another ancient herb that was used to ward against witches (seriously we are nice people really). Supposedly effective against snake venom (but I wouldn’t recommend it). An excellent seed to use for initiation rituals as it helps to release the old and see clearly the pathway before you bringing with it courage and protection. Fennel Magical Properties: Healing, purification, protection, courage, confidence, fertility, initiation Ruling planet – Mercury Sign – Leo, Virgo, Aquarius Element – Fire Gender – Masculine


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