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Blackbird magic

We spent the weekend gardening, not just a bit of weeding or tidying up but what turned out to be a complete major renovation of the garden design so it involved quite a lot of digging. Once we had finished for the day and left the garden Mrs Blackbird arrived, I had noticed her several times during the day sitting on the fence obviously waiting impatiently for us to finish so she could get access to the freshly dug soil.

Blackbird magic: The blackbird was considered to be sacred to the gods in many cultures because of its song. The Greeks, Welsh, Irish and Druid traditions believed the song of the blackbird could expand our conscious and provide not only healing but allow us to uncover mysteries from our unconscious and dreams. The song of a blackbird helps us to find purpose and meaning in our spiritual and mundane lives. The Gaelic name for blackbird is Druid Dhubh which literally mains black druid. Legend also tells that Rhiannan had three blackbirds which would sit in the world tree in the Otherworld and sing, putting the listener into a trance to allow them to travel to the Otherworld. There is a suggested connection between the blackbird and the blacksmith, the blacksmith being a master of all the elements and definitely otherwordly. Blackbird brings that blacksmith magic in the form of creativity and inspiration he also helps you to unlock hidden potential from within. Blackbird is also a good animal to help you with meditations, journeys and trance work. He can awaken and enhance psychic abilities bringing healing and clarity with him. He can show you how to be determined and focused and use your abilities to your fullest potential. He teaches us to use and rely on our intuition and how to connect with all things. He asks you to listen to everything around you and to become connected, grounded and balanced.


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