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A Witch's Garden: Pine

A Witch's Garden: Pine


Evergreen conifer trees with thick scaly bark and dark green needles that we often associate with Yule. The scent of pine is good for bringing us back to ourselves, for centring and focusing. An excellent herb to use in all kinds of Dragon magic. Pine also brings with it a strong magical protection for your home and also a sense of hospitality and welcome. Keep pine needles in your home to bring in abundance (I would suggest keeping them in a medicine pouch rather than sprinkling them as they are uncomfortable to tread on). It is also a useful herb to use in truth spells to find out hidden knowledge or secrets. Use in incense blends to protect and purify your home or sacred space. I like to add a few drops of pine essential oil to my floor wash. Use pine cones in fertility magic workings and healing spells. Pine House Blessing Light some charcoal in a cauldron or fire proof container and sprinkle some pine needles on top of the glowing embers. Then pass a pine cone (or cones) through the smoke. Keep the pine cone on your altar or in the hearth of your home to bring blessings and peace to your household. Pine Magical Properties: Centring, focus, Dragon magic, protection, truth, abundance, purification, fertility, healing Ruling planet – Mars, Saturn Sign - Capricorn Element – Air, Fire Gender – Masculine


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